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The dark and dreary doldrums

Oh, the winter doldrums. Rain. Wind. Clouds. Mud. Gloom. Cranky baby.

Do babies realize when the world is colorless and drab? Does it affect them like it does adults?

There’s a cranky baby living at my house this week. I think her stomach is bothering her. Or maybe she’s teething. Aren’t all new parents supposed to blame all their baby’s maladies on teething? Whatever it is, she ain’t happy about it. And she’s definitely not going to sleep through it. All day long it’s been, “Mama hold me. No, lay me on my play mat. No, I changed my mind, I want to swing. NO, I said feed me! Do NOT walk away from me, Mama!” Of course, it’s not easy to interpret all these commands when they all come in some form of “AAAAaaaaaaaaa.”

On days like these I remember a blog post I read on (in)courage back when Amelia was only a few weeks old. I bookmarked it then because I knew I would need it one day. There was a specific quote that stuck out to me. From Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk that I had never heard of. But I love this quote of his anyway. And since he has never heard of me either, we’re even.

“We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.”

I think I’m going to print this out today and tape it to my forehead. Or better yet, Amelia’s. I’ll be sure to see it all day long that way.


I’m back.

Whoa. I know. It’s been so long since I blogged I almost don’t remember how. Well that’s not really true because blogging is really just typing and since you’re reading this I clearly haven’t forgotten how to type. Or write run on sentences.

I feel like I should go back and get you all caught up on life here in HuYoung Heaven but that would require TIME. Time is a precious commodity around here. Life with a newborn is a little hectic and a lot amazing. Amelia is 10 weeks old already. It really does go by fast. Except for in the middle of the night. Nights can d-r-a-g. But we are having so much fun enjoying her and experiencing all the”firsts” of her life.

Yesterday was her first real snow. We had some flurries last week, but yesterday it snowed all day long and we ended up with about 4 inches. Not too shabby for Tennessee.

We all stayed in our jammies most of the day yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from taking Amelia outside in her jams to get her picture taken in the snow. If we don’t take 587 pictures of our child each week we start to doubt our parenting abilities.


The Long Winter part II

I need this stove.  Look, a hot water reservoir on the right!  And a warming oven!

And a firebox! I’m pretty excited about the firebox. It’s where you build the fire. Because this isn’t just any old stove — it’s a wood stove.

Can you tell I’ve been reading Little House on the Prairie lately? Look at the cooking surface where Ma makes a pot of beans for dinner! Later she adds molasses and salt pork and throws the beans into the oven to make baked beans for supper. I can do that!

I’m not sure I could make bread in that oven, but baked beans I can handle. Cake might be tricky, but you know what? I’m not planning on getting rid of my electric oven, just adding this one.

It will look perfect in the dining room. No, there won’t be any room for the table, but that’s ok.  We’ll be so toasty warm we won’t even care that we have to eat on the floor.

Speaking of the floor, the vinyl in the dining room might present a problem. So I guess we’ll rip that out and replace it with something a little more flame retardant and less likely to melt. Should be simple.

And then…..a new wood cook stove! I’m sure it will really increase the value of our home in this suburban neighborhood.

The Long Winter

Something about all this snow we’re having this year is messing with me.  It’s actually making me feel like we are having winter. Real, honest to goodness winter. I think we’ve had 4 real snows this winter. And by real, I mean “deep enough to track a cat.”

When I was a kid, there was an elderly couple at church that could predict how many snowfalls we would have each winter. Seriously. They were never off by more than 1 or 2. They used an old Indian trick – something to do with the moon I think. I really can’t remember. But anyway, the snowfall only counted if it was deep enough to track a cat.

Remember in The Long Winter when the old Indian comes into town and warns everyone that it is going to be a hard winter? He says that every 7th winter is hard, and that every 21st winter is especially hard. And he was right. That winter (a 21st) was harsh.

I think those Indians were on to something.

Now I really want to know what that snowfall prediction trick is! Just googled it….nothing. I can’t remember the last time google failed me like this. Mom? Do you remember? Now I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight.  I need to know how harsh this southern winter is going to be.

Snow Day in Tennessee

Our poor county, and state, and heck, the whole South in general, always takes a lot of flack when it snows. And the reason?

They cancel school the night before it snows.

But honestly, I might do the same. When there are no snow plows, how are the buses supposed to run safely? I wouldn’t want one of my kids riding a big yellow bus through unplowed streets. And what’s winter without a snow day or two? But I digress.

What I really want to talk about are the radio stations. Why do they feel like it’s a good idea to play Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” when there is an inch of unplowed snow on the ground?

Let’s take a little listen to the lyrics.

She had a lot on her mind and she didn’t pay attention
She was going way too fast
Before she knew it she was spinning
On a thin black sheet of glass

She saw both their lives flash before her eyes
She didn’t even have time to cry
She was so scared
She threw her hands up in the air

Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can’t do this on my own

Ok, that’s enough.

I heard this song twice on my 30 minute drive home tonight. Is this the kind of driving advice the DJ’s are giving out?

Hit a patch of ice? Here’s what to do: Throw your hands up in the air and sing a 30 second chorus before you steer to the side of the road.

Great idea. Fabulous. Drive fast, don’t pay attention, and if you start to skid, throw those hands up in the air.

To quote the Professor from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, “What do they teach in school these days?”

Berets: My new obsession

Man, this crochet phase has hit me hard. I haven’t picked up my knitting needles since I picked up a crochet hook a few weeks ago. I’ve been busy making baby hats for the etsy store, but two days ago I realized I can make hats for adults too.

Mind boggling, I know. Only two me two weeks to come to that realization.

And berets…..I can’t sing their praises highly enough. Finally, a winter hat that actually looks good on me. And if they look good one me, I’m willing to bet that they’ll flatter anyone. Even Mr. Glass Head looks good in a women’s slouchy beret.

Yep, he knows he’s looking good.  Cheeky.