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How to refinish your old chairs



Can you see the improvement? After another fruitless morning of sanding and scrubbing (without running to Home Depot for some stronger chemicals), I broke down and looked at Craigslist. My intent was to kill time while waiting for the mailman to bring me my Home Depot gift card. But then I started looking for CLEAN wooden chairs that I could repaint without all the trouble I’m having with mine.

Enter this table.  I didn’t mean to find it for a ridiculously low price yesterday. I did mean to buy it once I emailed the link to Dave and he called immediately to ask if I had called on it yet. We’ve been thinking about buying (new) this exact table for about 3 years. When the owners said that they could also deliver the table (last night! same day delivery!) we knew it was meant to be. No more scrubbing gunk off of old chairs. Our new, used table is only 2-3 years old…no gunk allowed.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in some sturdy, gunky chairs… can find them on Craigslist.


….I have a few.

The elephant art is finished and waiting to be hung

But first we have to paint the nursery walls.

The bench for the nursery is sanded and ready to be primed and painted, but first we need the mailman to bring us our Home Depot Gift card. Gotta love those credit card points!



Yes, I’m aware that the bench needs new baskets too. Since I only paid $7.50 for this bench at an antique store, I’m willing to buy new baskets.

My other big project is our dining room chairs. They’re solid wood, but as old as Dave. In fact, you can see them in lots of home videos of Dave and his family. Look, there’s 3 year old Dave having birthday cake  – at the same table and chairs we use today. Needless to say, they need a little touching up. I thought it would be (relatively) easy to just sand, prime, and paint them. The sanding, however, is not going so well. Whatever the chairs’ finish used to be is now all gunky and tacky. I can almost scrape it off in areas. It goos up the sandpaper and makes me call it bad names.

So I’m not sure about the chairs. I think I’ll experiment on the one that I partially sanded. Gonna try just primer and paint with little to no sanding. It can’t look worse than it already does. And if it does for some reason look terrible, I’ll just have to sand it back down.

See how it’s all gunky on the knobs? What is that??

My last ongoing project is much less labor intensive, but still time consuming. I’m making a braided rag rug for the nursery. Sounds dorky, I know, but it’s coming out cute. This is the fabric for it.

And this is the fabric after I cut it all up into 1.5″ strips. That was fun.

Here’s where I was a few days ago. I’m either getting faster at braiding and sewing, or just spending more time watching tv (ie working on the rug.) It’s quite a bit bigger than this now.

And that’s all the time we have for today folks! Today’s post was brought to you by the letters D I Y.

Next project….dinner.