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I just love convincing the insurance company that they should, indeed, cover the $271 doctor’s bill that I’ve been sent. Listen, people, I KNOW MY RIGHTS!

My doctor’s office and insurance company are cursing the day I learned about their  secret “codes.” But my insurance  paperwork says that routine prenatal care is covered at 100%, so gosh darn it, I expect 100% coverage. When I get a bill, I call that little number at the bottom, you know- the nearly invisible one that says “please call for questions or credit card payments” and keep calling it til I get to talk to someone who will re-code my claim as “routine prenatal.” Because when you’ve only had “routine prenatal” doctor’s appointments, and you have “100% routine prenatal coverage” you should not get be getting bills from the doctor.

Pretty amazing logic, right? Thankfully, the doctor’s office has always been able to re-code my erroneous bills, and the insurance company only denies them once or twice before I call (again!) and talk to a helpful representative. Phew.

In other news, Dave and I had a great day together  yesterday. Instead of anxiously waiting for our little pumpkin to make her debut, we’re trying to enjoy our last few days (or weeks) as just the two of us. So after church we went to Borders, then to our favorite hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant, then to a park and the farmer’s market. The weather was beautiful. After a quick stop at home for a nap, we ran a few errands, did a little yard work, and closed out the day with a bonfire in the backyard. Hot dogs and s’mores included. This morning we decided that the only thing that could make yesterday better would be if the baby came today 🙂

Here are some pics (of me, because Dave is a camera hog) at the park and farmer’s market yesterday. I wish I hadn’t left my wallet in the car, because those $3 pumpkins were really calling to me.

39 weeks.

Two little punkins in my lap.  Awww….

How to: Flowers

Another waiting for baby project. This was so fun and easy. I love playing with fire.

Holding the little squares of satin over the flame makes them curl up at the edges.

Stack up different sizes and voila! A flower.

I spent $1.50 on these 4 different fabrics, but only used a fraction of it. These flowers are practically free! And if you’ve researched bows and headbands for baby girls lately, you know that’s a pretty good deal.

I found this project at the same website as the paper wreath. Thanks, Jones Design Company!

Piano tuning, Pizza, and a Puzzle


A few days ago our friend Christian came over and taught Dave how to tune our piano.  Fun. And time consuming. It’s still not finished. I think Dave and Christian tuned all the “a’s” before they got bored.


I love it. The baby loves it. It appears at least once a week at our house.. Thankfully, Dave thinks I make pretty good pizza – he’s not sick of it yet. Can you see where I tore into the crust before we cut it?


Why is a car seat meant to hold such a tiny, tiny baby so, so big? This thing barely fits in our car (which is a four door Mazda).  We had to scoot the driver’s seat forward so that baby has plenty of room to ride. Can’t wait to go on some nice long car trips with the driver’s seat in its full, upright position. Thanks, Graco.

Oh, and here’s another puzzle for you: If the doctor tells you that you are 1 cm dilated and 60% effaced, should you get excited about having the baby soon? What if you are still 2.5 weeks from your due date, yet the same doctor says, “I give you a week…a week and a half at the most.” What if you had been having contractions for the previous week, but after the doctor makes her prediction, they stop? What would you do?

I know what I’m doing: Walking. Mixed in with a lot of waiting. And crafting. And eating. Pizza, anyone?

How to miss a fortune cookie

I know it’s wrong to make generalizations about people based on their culture or race… I’ll just tell you this story and let you make your own.

A few weeks ago Dave and I went to our favorite local Chinese take out restaurant. They have the best lo mein around. Trust me, we’ve tried the lo mein at every take out restaurant within oh, at least 30 miles. And this particular restaurant is only 1 mile from our house. Bonus.

As we walked in, the young Chinese girl behind the counter smiled at us, did a double take (yes, that’s an Asian guy with a white girl), did a triple take (yes, the white girl is very pregnant) and then smiled at us again. And then whispered something in Chinese to the older lady next to her. We smiled back at her and gave her our order.

“Your wife?” she asked Dave as she wrote down our order.


“Having baby? Congratulations!” More smiles. We smiled back at her. She turned and smiled at the older lady.

As she rang us up she asked, “What is it?”

Not wanting to go into the whole “We’ve had 5 ultrasounds and 1 said boy and 1 said girl and the last 3 were inconclusive so we’ve pretty much just given up and are going with girl because that’s what the ultrasound tech said” story, I told her, “It’s a surprise.” She smiled and nodded like that was cool. Very smiley, this one.

Dave added, “But we think it’s a girl.”

Her expression changed. No more smiles.  Disgust crossed her face. “How you know? Guess?” she asked with contempt. She wrinkled up her nose like she smelled something bad and spoke to the older lady in Chinese. That lady stopped smiling too.

“Well, we don’t really know.” Dave tried to save the situation. “Maybe it’s a boy.”

“Yeah, maybe boy. Boy is good.” The girl tried to smile and nod again, but she was still recovering from her shock.

“A boy would be fine too,” Dave said with a smile.

The girl looked at me one last time, and tried to give me an encouraging smile. The older lady said something in Chinese.  The girl handed Dave his receipt and looked one last time from him to me. She gave 1 more half-hearted, worried smile and said, “Good luck baby. Congratulations.”

We sat at a back table and waited for our lo mein. We could hear the girl talking about us to an older man. He walked right up to us, looked us over without saying anything, and then went straight back to hear more about the crazy mixed couple who thought they might be having a girl. We enjoyed the attention at first. It was too ridiculous not too. They were talking about us, and we were talking about them. After a second man walked out of the kitchen to take a gander at us, (don’t they have any work to do back there?) we were happy when our food was ready to go.

“I hope they didn’t try to poison us for being crazy and wanting a girl,” Dave said as we got into the car.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” I laughed as I opened the bag to check our order. “They didn’t poison us, but they did short us a fortune cookie.”

“What?!” Dave was amazed. “I’ve never only gotten 1 fortune cookie.”

“Well, you’ve never told a bunch of Chinese people that you hoped you were having a girl either. That’ll teach you.”

“Yeah, next time I’m telling them it’s a boy. Way simpler. And they’ll probably give us more food that way.”

Ahh, that’s my Dave. Always thinking with his stomach.

A little of this and that…and a lot of chocolate cake

It’s been a while since I blogged so I have lots of thoughts rolling around in my brain. Here are some of them.

1. Last week the doctor told me that I had lost a pound, but the baby was still measuring “perfect.” Who loses weight while they’re pregnant? My stomach is pretty squished these days, so I’ve been trying to eat more frequently and make sure that the foods I’m eating are nutrient dense so that our little chalupa continues to grow.

2. Which is why I made a chocolate cherry cake today. Nutrient dense indeed. A little old lady from church used to make this cake for potlucks and I found myself thinking of it recently. I couldn’t find my recipe for it, but here’s the allrecipes version which turned out very similar, if not exactly the same.

3. I told Dave he could share some of this cake with his friends at work, but now I’m rethinking that stance. I know 2 people shouldn’t eat a whole 9×13 cake, but that doesn’t mean we won’t.

4. Jack is still scared of our new floors. I’d say he’s about 67% of the way back to his normal self. He still gets stuck on his bed occasionally and needs encouragement to make it to the back door to go out. And while he can (and sometimes does) walk across the floor like a normal dog, he prefers to make a lunging start and send himself skidding across the floor to his destination. Which only makes him more afraid. Dogs are weird.

5. I am obsessed with this website I’ve spent a lot of time lately trying to read every word on this dang website. I prefer to think of it as time invested rather than time wasted because I have found tons of great project ideas for the nursery. I want to use her scrapbook paper art idea (found here) to make a piece of art to hang over the crib. I’m thinking of copying this painting from Land of Nod; changing the colors to match our nursery of course.

I can’t wait to buy the scrapbook paper for this project. And read more of Ashley Ann’s archives.

Raisin Bran – a new sleep aid

This morning I ate a bowl of raisin bran at 5am. Then I went back to sleep for 3.5 hours.

The end.


I feel like there was something else I wanted to say about that. Oh yeah.

Dave had to leave for work at 5:15 this morning, which meant he woke up at 4:30. Which meant that I woke up at 4:30. Sleep is elusive these days. Our bed is getting more and more uncomfortable. I don’t think it has anything to do with being 30 weeks pregnant and 23 pounds heavier than I used to be. Or the fact that I can only sleep on one side for an hour before it gets sore, then I have to heave myself over to the other side, readjust my 3 pillows, and start again. Nope, it’s definitely the bed.

I lay in bed from 4:30-5 listening to Dave get ready for work. I knew it was pointless to try to go back to sleep right away, so I just kind of hung out with Dave since I won’t see him til later tonight. Also, because I was hungry. HUNGRY. I finally gave in at 5 and fixed myself a bowl of cereal in the dark. I’m sorry I ripped the box a little, honey, I was just so hungry! And it was dark!

When Dave finally left for work, I finished my (2nd) bowl of cereal and went back to bed. Heaven. That raisin bran is something else. I slept like a baby for the next 3.5 hours and only woke to adjust my pillows once. I don’t think it had anything to do with having the whole bed and 4 pillows all to myself.  Nope, it was the raisin bran. I think I’m going to write them a thank you note.

The Power of a Pregnancy Craving

…..otherwise entitled “The Power of Facebook.” I’m not sure which is more accurate. All I know is that it was powerful.

A few days ago, around dinner time, I posted this as my Facebook status:

I really want a donut. Really.

And this is what happened. 15 minutes later a friend from our small group had replied with this:

I have some fresh Krispy Kreme donuts that I would be happy to deliver! I just got them today for my sister, who is also preggo, because she was craving donuts. She didn’t want them in her sight after she ate one though so I got stuck with them. I’ve got glazed, chocolate cake or lemon cake. Take your pick. : )

Ummmm….seriously? Not to mention this friend lives only 5 houses away, so the donut delivery could be quite imminent.

I didn’t want to be too greedy though, so I told her Dave would run over after dinner and get some donuts. He wasn’t quite home from work yet, so I decided to watch the Glee finale while waiting for my dinner and donuts.

I recently learned how to hook the laptop up to the TV so that I can watch Hulu on the big screen. And let’s not forget that I also hooked up our home theater to the laptop so I could really get the full effect. It’s pretty miraculous really. Two little cords plugged in to the laptop and you’ve got yourself some fine sounding (and looking) Glee viewing capabilities.

So there I am, laying on the couch, when the doorbell rings. Right in the middle of the mash-up of Journey covers at Regionals. And SWEET MERCY was the music loud. I didn’t realize how loud it was til I jumped up to hit pause. Nothing like blaring a little “Any way you want it ” on a Wednesday night at dinner time.

And there at the door, holding a box of Krispy Kremes, was our small group leader. My friend had sent her husband over with the donuts. As I stood there thanking him for the donuts, I couldn’t help but wonder if he had heard the music. Could he hear that when he walked up? He had to, it was so loud. I wonder if they watch Glee. I wonder if I should try to explain why he could Journey from the driveway.

I never did say anything about the loud music. I just thanked him, brought the donuts inside, and promptly took a bite out of each of the 3 different varieties.

Heaven. Those donuts were delicious. But I’ll never be able to eat a Krispy Kreme again without thinking of Glee and Journey and friends who bring you donuts. I guess that’s not a bad thing.

It’s been a while

so without further ado, here are some updates.

1. Pregnancy

Love it. 22 weeks along. Our little spring roll is pretty active these days, and already keeping me up at night with his/her “bladder dancing.”

We now have conflicting opinions on the sex of baby. Our regular doctor did an ultrasound at 17 weeks and was “almost positive” that it was a boy. Then, at the high tech ultrasound at 19 weeks, the ultrasound tech was “99.9% positive” that it was a girl. Hmmm….and yes, we made them make sure there was only 1 baby in there. We tried 1 more ultrasound at the doctor’s office last week, but the doctor couldn’t get a good view. So, if you have a prediction, we’d love to hear it, because at this point we aren’t too trusting of those ultrasound machines. Looks like we’ll be finding out baby’s sex sometime in the fall!

2. Dave’s work pants

I finally sewed the button back on Dave’s good work pants. I know you were all waiting for that update. I’m not sure why I put it off for so long. If only it had need to be knit back on – I’m sure that wouldn’t have taken me 2 months.

3. Wood floors

We are getting wood floors! Ok, so it might end up being laminate, but whatever. Faux wood is more environmentally friendly, right? Carpet=Gross. We’ve been stockpiling some money for “house stuff” and finally decided to spend it on floors. The deck can wait til next year. I can’t have my baby crawling around on these dog hair infested carpets. No matter how much we vacuum, the dog hair is always there….ewww.

4. Food

I eat a lot of it. I blame it on the baby. And that guy on Man. vs Food. He always makes me feel like I should be eating more. If he can eat a 10 lb hamburger in an hour, why can’t I? I’m just glad it’s summer, so we can use the grill.  Baby likes him/her some grilled food.  We’re having burgers for dinner tonight….go figure.

Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

….that’s what little boys are made of.

We are so thrilled about having a boy. Couldn’t be happier. I’ll never forget the joy on Dave’s face as he shook the doctor’s hand when she said, “It’s a boy!” Of course, he may have just been happy to be right. After all, he did predict that it would be a boy.

I’m still a smidge skeptical that baby is a boy. Due in part, yes, to my skeptical nature, but also because the doctor originally said, “Looks like a girl.”

So I’m laying there on my back, cold gel on my stomach, and the doctor is trying to get a good shot of the baby. She says nothing until, “Hmmm, looks like a girl.” Very flat delivery, not much excitement or confidence. Dave and I just look at each other unsurely.

Then, “No, wait, looks like a boy.” Just a touch of confidence this time. She continues to look for a better angle and say, “Hmmm….” while looking unsure.

“So it’s a boy?” I ask her.


“You’re not really convincing me here,” I tell her. (Was that rude?)

Now she gets serious with the ultrasound wand thing, and after a minute, “Ok, I’m 85% sure it’s a boy. Hmmmm….whoa! Definitely a boy.”

This is where Dave starts fist pumping and shaking the doctor’s hand. She wraps up the ultrasound after that, hands me some kleenex for the gel, prints us out a few pictures, and then is on her merry way.

“It’s a boy!” Dave keeps saying to me.

So, do you believe it?

Losing my mind

When I found out I was pregnant I thought it was going to be all fun and games. Compared to doing all the adoption paperwork, I thought pregnancy would be a breeze. I remember thinking, “All I have to do is lay around and grow this baby, pick a hospital, and then deliver.”

Only I hadn’t figured on losing my mind. Seriously, pregnancy brain is making me crazy. I’ve always been proud of my cognitive abilities, but lately I can’t even remember what I had planned to make for dinner, let alone whether or not we had invited people over to eat it with us. Did I already wash my hair tonight? Was that yesterday that I walked Jack or was that today?

My brain is so cluttered with baby research that I’m making myself even more crazy. Do we want a jogging stroller or a regular 4 wheeled stroller? What kind of cloth diapers are best? Do I like the Maya Wrap or the Moby Wrap better? Why am I waking up at night thinking about strollers???

In other news, I haven’t buttoned my pants for days. I’ve been wearing this BeBand from Target and it works like a charm. No, that is not my belly.

The only problem with this band is that it makes me HOT. It will hold up your unbuttoned pants, but it will also raise your core temperature by about 5,000 degrees. But it makes your regular jeans feel like stretchy pants, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is worth it. And so is investing in a good deodorant.

So far I’m enjoying every minute of being pregnant, even the minutes where I have to run to the bathroom 30 minutes after I just went. I even think my ankles may have swollen (a teensy bit) after being on my feet a lot today. It may just be in my head, but it’s a good excuse for laying on the couch with my feet propped up and doing more stroller research.