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It’s a pillowcase that you can wear.

Makes sense, right? I know every night when I lay down on my pillow I think, “Man, pillowcase, you look so soft and comfy that I wish I could wear you.”  Well, maybe not. Maybe if I had designer pillowcases.

While I may not know why a pillowcase dress is called a pillowcase dress, I do know this one thing: It’s cute. Good gracious on the cuteness factor.

The original “Me & My Doll” Pillowcase Dress was this brown damask print, but it was so popular that we soon expanded to pink, red, and teal (which is already sold out).

damask print pillowcase dress

me and my doll matching pillowcase dress

me and my doll matching pillowcase dress

They are continuing to be great sellers, and I’ll be sad when we’re out of this fabric.

Today we added two new fabrics to the pillowcase dress collection. I am IN LOVE with these new madras prints. Especially the reddish one…is it too soon to be thinking about the 4th of July? Because after seeing these dresses I am. And I already know what kind of dress I want Amelia to wear…

Monday Madness

Holy Cuh-razy, Batman.

We had quite the weekend over here. Let me begin with an item of utmost significance.

Amelia slept 11.5 hours straight on Saturday night. 12.5 if you use the time change to fudge the numbers, but we don’t cheat like that; we plays it straight here at HuYoung Heaven. I put her to bed at 6:30pm and didn’t hear a peep from her til 7am. Which was really 6, due to the time change. But the clock said 7. Confusing, yeah? Never the less, we had an amazingly well rested and happy baby!

After church yesterday, Dave busted out the pressure washer and can I just say LOVE. Can I use it to clean the inside of the house, too? We were like kids fighting over whose turn it was to use it. We have to give it back to its rightful owner soon, so I’m happy to report that there will be more pressure washing in my near future. The siding on our house never looked so good. Dave even surprised me by washing the bricks on our north facing front steps. Bye bye, fuzzy green stuff. Bye bye, bird poop. Oh clean bricks, how I love thee.

I’ve also been doing a lot of this

painting the table white

and this

strolling in the sun

For reasons that shall remain known only to Amelia, she prefers to ride in this little umbrella stroller instead of her sweet cushy (expensive) full sized ride. She doesn’t care that the handles are just a smidge too short for Mama, or that the wheels don’t turn smoothly. She just likes it.

So when I’m not pressure washing the house, painting end tables and shelves, and making never ending loops around the block…I’m here on the computer doing Etsy work. Because, let me tell ya, folks. We have a winner. This pillowcase dress

damask print pillowcase dress

is FLYING off the cyber shelves. Mom is sewing non-stop to keep up with the demand. I even had to go to my JoAnn’s here in Nashville to buy more fabric, because Mom has run her JoAnn’s clean out. You can guess how sad I was to be forced to add a trip to Jo’s house to my to do list.

Since I had to go to Jo’s I sent Dave to the grocery store. Ever since Amelia was born he has turned into the best personal shopper. I love a man who can recognize and appreciate a good price on a pound of butter. Have you seen the price of butter these days? Dave can let you know when it’s on sale so you can stock up like he does.

And on that caloric note…I’ll bid you adieu. The Post Office awaits. And the stroller. And more emails, paypals, and etsy- pals. Oh, and those shelves could use another coat of paint if you have a minute…..

Me & My Doll

Now that it’s Wednesday I’ve finally got some As You Stitch updates for you. It’s always my goal to have them for you on Monday, but whatever. Goals, schmoals.

So without further ado I give you…. Pillowcase Dresses!

me and my doll pillowcase dress

me and my doll pillowcase dress

I’m just loving the embellishments on these.

And peep out this brown and white damask print.

me and my doll pillowcase dress

brown and white me and my doll pillowcase dress

So sweet. You can find the listings for these dresses here (damask) and here (black and white floral).

But wait! There’s more. Last week I promised you a brown flapper hat. So here you are. You’ve been waiting so patiently.

me and my doll crocheted flapper hat

Finally, I know I showed you some twirl skirts last week, but I just can’t resist. All props to my mom on this one….each one of these skirts is cuter than the last!

“Me and My Doll Matching Double Layer Twirl Skirt” Size 8

me and my doll twirl skirt

Me and My Doll Matching Embellished Twirl Skirts. Size 7

me and my doll pink twirl skirt

Me and My Doll Matching Double Layer Twirl Skirts. Size 12

me and my doll twirl skirt


Don’t these just make you want to dance?