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How to make Laundry Soap

December is not a good month to try to save money. With all those parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and caroling out in the snow….wait, did I write that?

Anyway, not a cheap month. Happy – yes. Indulgent – definitely. A good month to save for adopting – not so much.

One way that I save money year round is by making our own laundry soap. It’s easy, cheap, and easy. I made some toady – I’ll show you.

Grate 1 bar of unscented soap (regular or laundry). I like this Fels Naptha laundry soap.

The grating can get tedious, but you’ll get through it.

Now measure 1.5 cups Borax, and 1.5 cups Washing Soda and add to the soap flakes.

Voila! Laundry soap! Use 1 TBSP per load.

Bet you didn’t really think it would be that easy, did you? Maybe next time you’ll believe me.

Washing Soda, Borax, and Fels Naptha can be found in the cleaning or laundry aisles of WalMart, Target, Kroger, etc. I personally buy mine at Kroger in the cleaning aisle.

I tried to write a nice, neat breakdown of the cost, but it’s honestly been at least a year since I bought the Washing Soda and Borax. I’d like to say they were around $2.50-3 each, but don’t hold me to that.  They obviously last a while. The Fels Naptha costs $1 per bar. So each batch of laundry soap (that lasts our little family 3 months) costs maybe $1.50.

Not too shabby. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some laundry to fold.


You really hear a lot about refinancing these days. I never really thought too much about it. Figured it wasn’t for me.

Refinancing? I don’t need no stinkin’ refinancing.


Guess who’s refinancing this week? We are.  We’re switching from a 30 year loan at 6.25% to a 15 year loan at 4.35%.  If we had continued to pay our regular monthly mortgage payment for 30 years we would have paid $158,000 in interest alone.  That’s the value of our whole house! Instead, over 15 years we will pay $47,000 in interest. Much better. Instead of $150 each month actually going to principal, we’ll be paying almost $500 each month to principal. And our payment is only going up by about $100.

I just love refinancing.

Selling Stuff

Anybody want a basketball hoop?  Too bad, it’s already sold!


XBox?  Sold!


Table?  Sold.  Man, I love getting rid of stuff.


Since we don’t believe in going into debt, that means we have to pay for things we want up front. Pretty crazy concept, huh? Only buy what you can afford. Mind blowing.

A few weeks ago we decided that we had entirely too much stuff laying around that we didn’t want, and not enough things that we did want.

So we sold stuff. As of today we have made $215. We have a potential buyer coming for our old couch tonight, and if the sale goes through that will bring our total to $265.  Can you say Christmas money?

Go on out there and sell your old stuff! It feels great.

Knitting for Money

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I love knitting, and I love making money, but I don’t know if I like them together.

A friend from church asked me if I would knit her 2 pair of fingerless gloves. She would buy the yarn and give me the pattern, I would make them, and she would pay me for my time.

Sounds simple. And fingerless gloves?  Kid stuff.  I’ve made 3 or 4 pairs of fingerless gloves from a much more complicated pattern for myself and as gifts . No sweat.

Before I even cast on the first stitches I began to get nervous. My needles are 2 sizes smaller than the pattern calls for.  What if that makes the gloves too small for her?  How long does she want the ribbing? Does she want them to be really tight or do tight gloves drive her crazy?

I drove myself crazy with this line of thinking.


I finally got the dang things started, freaked out that they would be too small, tore it out, started over with more stitches, and made a fingerless glove. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

I’m not sure I can handle this stress. I don’t like being a perfectionist.