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Monday Madness

Ahh, the weekend. Over already. Why is time going so much faster this year?

Last night at community group (our church’s version of small group, Bible study, what have you) someone said (regarding it being April) “I’ve really lost my grip on this year.”

I hear ya, man. It’s going by too dang fast.

Whether we do a lot each week, or spend too much time watching tv, it still feels crazy.

Yesterday I cleaned the house for community group, walked around the neighborhood twice with the baby, finished crocheting a set of these hats for an Etsy order, wasted time playing words with friends, and hosted community group. Dave got on the roof and cleaned the gutters, powerwashed the front porch, mowed the lawn, and went for a joy ride in the neighbor’s muscle car. And hosted community group. Oh, and we live-streamed church this morning because Amelia was napping. I know, I know, it’s not the same as going. But at least we heard the sermon.

So that was a busy day.

Other days are slower. Other days are so slow that we find ourselves channel surfing after putting the munchkin to bed and making comments like “Hey look, this is how they make barrels.”  Seriously, the day Dave said that to me, I realized that no one will ever again accuse us of being cool. Watching people on the discovery channel make barrels does NOT count as a hobby. Or being cool. Just two days ago Dave said to me, “Look, this is how they make jelly beans!”  Now that is a hobby I can get behind. Watching people make jelly beans is way more cool than watching them make barrels.

So that’s how our life goes. Crazy busy or crazy boring. But always crazy fast.

Monday Madness

Because I may not get around to posting the etsy shop updates today, here are a few randomly selected stories for you. Enjoy.

Things that make you go “Huh?”

The other night at the grocery store 2 families and their carts were blocking the aisle that I was trying to leave. They paused their conversation to move aside and let me go in between them. I politely said “Excuse me” as I passed, and in return one of the men said “Well, look at her, she’s got a cart!” Ummm…yep, so do you, mister. So does everyone else in here.

Last Thursday, while driving to my brother in law’s house, we were rear-ended at a stop light. It was just a little nudge, and it left just a little damage to our bumper. While our car is in the shop getting all that sorted out, we’ve got a rental car. Dave was pretty stoked about the giant trunk. Hide n’ Seek, anyone?

man in trunk of chevy malibu


On Friday, Amelia and I stayed home all day because we didn’t have the rental car yet. On Saturday, we went to church with Dave and came home to find out that we had no water. Turn on the faucet and…drip. drip. nothing.  It came back on after a little while, but our neighbors across the street said that their water never went out. Weird. It’s our lucky week I guess. Or maybe I’m just not supposed to leave the house. We’ll see how long that lasts….

Monday Madness

Phew, I have like a bazillion things on my to do list today, so here I am at the computer. For some reason, the weekend always gets the better of me. Dave works on Saturdays but has Sundays off, so I try to spend as much of Sunday as possible hanging out with him and the munchkin. And going to church. And small group. And washing diapers. So by the time Monday comes around it’s time to recover from Sunday and get the dishes out of the sink and the laundry out of the dryer.

Monday also means it’s time to update the shop! Mom is working on tons of new jammies and aprons, and after this batch, it’s almost time for spring and summer pj’s! Here’s a look at some of our flannel pajama pant sets (perfect for today with the snow and cold front moving in tonight!) and Valentines-y aprons.

Me & My Doll “Valentines” pajama pant set. Size 7

Me & My Doll “Elephants” pajama pant set. Size 5

Me & My Doll “Love” ruffle apron set. Size Medium

chocolate hearts

Me & My Doll “Chocolate Hearts” ruffle apron set. Size Medium.

Don’t forget to check out the shop for more!

etsy collage

And I’m off to start dinner. It’s veggie soup and homemade bread day here. Let the nasty weather begin!