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The dark and dreary doldrums

Oh, the winter doldrums. Rain. Wind. Clouds. Mud. Gloom. Cranky baby.

Do babies realize when the world is colorless and drab? Does it affect them like it does adults?

There’s a cranky baby living at my house this week. I think her stomach is bothering her. Or maybe she’s teething. Aren’t all new parents supposed to blame all their baby’s maladies on teething? Whatever it is, she ain’t happy about it. And she’s definitely not going to sleep through it. All day long it’s been, “Mama hold me. No, lay me on my play mat. No, I changed my mind, I want to swing. NO, I said feed me! Do NOT walk away from me, Mama!” Of course, it’s not easy to interpret all these commands when they all come in some form of “AAAAaaaaaaaaa.”

On days like these I remember a blog post I read on (in)courage back when Amelia was only a few weeks old. I bookmarked it then because I knew I would need it one day. There was a specific quote that stuck out to me. From Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk that I had never heard of. But I love this quote of his anyway. And since he has never heard of me either, we’re even.

“We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.”

I think I’m going to print this out today and tape it to my forehead. Or better yet, Amelia’s. I’ll be sure to see it all day long that way.


Crochet Food

Food is a favorite here at HuYoung Heaven. We love to cook it, eat it, talk about it, take pictures of it, and….play with it.

Yesterday I discovered the joys of crocheting play food. Food and crochet – together at last!

This lemon and lime combo were my first attempt and I think they turned out pretty well.  Just look at that little lime all cuddled up to the bananas!

There is a plethora of knit and crochet food patterns on the internet. Fruit today, cupcakes tomorrow.

My new handmade toy mania fits in nicely with our philosophy on “baby stuff.” We want to raise our kids without all the “necessities” that are pushed on today’s parents.

  • Baby monitor: don’t need it; we have a small house.
  • Disposable diapers: handy, yes, but 500 years in the landfill. And have you seen how cute cloth diapers are these days?
  • Diaper Pail: We have a 5 gallon bucket

I’m being a little facetious here but you get my drift. If I can make cute, safe toys for my kids and avoid cluttering up my house with brightly colored plastic ones then I’m all for it.

But please don’t come to my house in a few years and count up all the plastic toys we have – I’m sure it will be substantially more than I think  🙂


I think I’ve got a little politician on my hands. Here’s a peek into what my day sounded like yesterday. And, question, how do kids go into new phases so fast? I swear she wasn’t like this last week. It’s life in the fast lane for a 3 year old. Always something new and exciting. But hey, if she doesn’t want to make a choice, guess who is glad to make it for her?

Me: Did you wash your hand after you went potty?

A: I sink so.

Me: You think so? You don’t remember?

A: I sink no.

Me: A, just tell me, yes or no, did you wash your hands?

A: I sink….I not know.

(Interruption by big sister: You th th th thhhhhhhhhhink, A! Not sink!)

Me: I don’t think you washed them very well. The water wasn’t on long.

A: (trying hard to find the right answer) I sink…yes.

Me: Oh my gosh, just go wash your hands.

And here’s another one. I call this one “Pick the opposite of whatever your sister says just to make Ms. Ali’s life more difficult.”

Me: A, what do you want for lunch?

A: I sink speghettio’s.

Me: Ok, E, does speghettio’s sound ok?

E: Yep, I want speghettio’s.

A: I sink I not want speghettios. I sink I want a roll-up.

Me: Are you just saying that because E wants speghettio’s now?

A: I sink..(thinking hard)…..I not know.

Me: A, will you eat speghettio’s with E? That’s what you wanted in the first place.

A: I sink yes.

Me: You think so? Will you eat them, yes or no?

A: I sink…..maybe?

Me: Ok, forget it, you’re both having speghettio’s.

All the live long day.

I sink yes. I sink no.

You th th th thhhhink! Ms. Ali, she won’t say it right!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go sink about……something.

Corporate Lingo

…of a nanny.  These are common, every day phrases in my world of nanny land.

  • Please stop.
  • Please use your inside voice.
  • Sit on your bottom, please.
  • It’s never ok to hit your sister.
  • I see that she wants your toy.
  • If you two can’t figure out how to share that toy then I’m putting it up.
  • Do you need to go potty?
  • You look like you need to go potty.
  • Please go potty.
  • Who wants to go pick out cute outfits?
  • Go stand by the door if you are ready to go.
  • Don’t push past.
  • If you don’t (fill in the blank) I’ll have to set the timer.
  • Yes, that was the timer.
  • Who’s ready for an adventure?
  • Answer me when I talk to you.
  • Please don’t talk with food in your mouth.
  • We’re going outside to burn off some energy.
  • That is nonnegotiable.
  • and my favorite: No, Miss Ali can’t spend the night.  I have to go to my house.

This list was inspired by another nanny’s blog: