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Guest Room Redo: Update

Well, I’ve been a little distracted by other house projects lately (kitchen re-paint, anyone?) but I have managed to make a smidgen of progress on the guest room. It’s just a wee small smidgen, so don’t get too excited.

Are you ready for it?

I bought fabric for a new bed skirt. I know, pretty exciting right? Want to see it?

new fabric

Fascinating, eh?I think it will look better than this old, ripped and faded thing.

Oh yeah, that thing wasn’t even long enough to hide the moving boxes under the bed.

This should be better.

guest room redo

Now I just need my mom to come down and actually sew it for me! I’ve got a nice a big stack of fabric waiting for her. She thinks she’s coming to visit her granddaughter, but I’ve got other plans for her. Plans that involve lots and lots of fabric. Side note: Does anyone else have trouble typing the word fabric? It comes out farbic for me every time. Dumb dumb dumb. Backspace is my friend.

Maybe the fact that Dave is next to me in bed listening to a review of some phone on his ipod isn’t helping. I keep wanting to type “The nexus 1 isn’t capable with the 4100ish kilo bits per second, but it’s been marginally faster but even still I kind of hope for more than that with the 802 211N.” Phew. I have no idea what all that is about. Every once in a while I hear a word like “App” or “phone” and I begin to think I’m understanding, but then the reviewer starts talking about allocation tables and partition types.

Are you bored yet? I am. I’m off to find some earplugs before I lose my mind…..

Making a coat closet

I wish I could stick to just one project at a time. Remember the guest room redo? Nothing new to report there.

But while cruising around Craigslist looking for a nightstand for the guest room, I found this bad boy.

We have been needing something to hold our water filter for oh, the last 2 or 3 years since we’ve had it. Check it out here on Christmas morning.

Not looking so hot there, water filter.

We’re super happy with the new cart. It also makes a great pantry. We don’t keep to many pre-made or packaged foods around, so we moved our few pantry items from our current tiny “pantry” to the cart.

Yeah, that’s all the pantry space we had. Three shelves. Notice how the breaker box is right smack dab in the middle? That’s fun. Really helps fit lots of shelves in there.

So this lame old pantry is going to become our new coat closet! Remember how we only have 1 closet in each bedroom? I am so excited to have a new closet. Even if it is only 12 inches deep.

The plan is to paint the closet with leftover paint, and hang some pegs or coat hooks like this

Even if it doesn’t hold all of our coats, at least it gives us somewhere other than the back of a dining room chair to hang the coat that we just took off. And the location is perfect. Just inside the garage door.

So a new project is added to the list. And that’s how a new water filter cart = new coat closet. Stay tuned for updates! Shelves are down. Next up…puttying

How to refinish your old chairs



Can you see the improvement? After another fruitless morning of sanding and scrubbing (without running to Home Depot for some stronger chemicals), I broke down and looked at Craigslist. My intent was to kill time while waiting for the mailman to bring me my Home Depot gift card. But then I started looking for CLEAN wooden chairs that I could repaint without all the trouble I’m having with mine.

Enter this table.  I didn’t mean to find it for a ridiculously low price yesterday. I did mean to buy it once I emailed the link to Dave and he called immediately to ask if I had called on it yet. We’ve been thinking about buying (new) this exact table for about 3 years. When the owners said that they could also deliver the table (last night! same day delivery!) we knew it was meant to be. No more scrubbing gunk off of old chairs. Our new, used table is only 2-3 years old…no gunk allowed.

So there you have it. If you’re interested in some sturdy, gunky chairs… can find them on Craigslist.

The End!

Day…something. 9?  Anyone care to count? I’m just thrilled it’s over.

Our biggest house project so far. Done. And it looks amazing. It even looked great before it was finished.

Finished! Still a little dusty, but done. The house felt so big with the new floor running all the way through it. I didn’t want to put the furniture back.

Taking photos of the floor must be a skill that I never learned. Those are the 2 best that I have right now. Look how different the wood looks in each of them. Tomorrow when the light is a little better I’ll try again.

Oh, and we did move (most of) the furniture back. As much as I love the new floor, the couch is still more comfy.

Day 7

Day 7, Thursday

See that nasty grey spot on the carpet? Isn’t it nicely framed by the clean carpet that was under the couch? That filthy grey spot is exactly where my baby will NOT be crawling. Carpet is gross. Carpet next to the couch is gross. Carpet where the dog lays next to the couch is very gross.

Ah, that’s looking better.

I’m such a big help – always taking pictures.  I did pull about 50 staples out the floor before the bowling ball in my belly started hampering my bending over skills.  And I wanted to save at least 6000 staples for Dave to pull out. He was grateful.

Taking all the furniture out of the main rooms make those rooms look much bigger. But it makes the bedrooms look much, much smaller. Check out our couch, tv, and piano in the master bedroom. Looks good, right?

And yes, that is our coffee table on top of our dining room table on top of our guest bed. Thanks for asking.

And our poor baby’s room. We’ll get that cleaned up for you, kiddo. Some time next month.

Today’s agenda (while Dave is at work): Get everything off the floor of the pantry. Consider using the opportunity to reorganize in there. Clean the baseboards that have been successfully hiding behind large furniture for the last 3 years. Remove any last tacks or staples from the sub-floor. Shop vac.

But first….make a pot of coffee. I can’t do this all on my own.

Days 5 and 6

Day 5, Tuesday

Lots of rain Monday night and and Tuesday. Just a teensy bit of moisture inside the house. More caulk.

Day 6, Wednesday

Kitchen Demo/Contractor Meeting. We started the demo about 15 minutes before the contractor came over to take a first and final look at the job. Nothing like hiring a guy you’ve never met and getting a quote over the phone. He came with great references though, so we were comfortable with it.

Check out how much work we got done before he came over.

That’s right, folks. We moved the table and chairs, Dave cut 1 strip of vinyl, and I pulled off some quarter round.

And then – – – Mr. Smiley Contractor Guy said he and the crew would demo the kitchen for us…for free! It probably pains him to see amateurs like us working with our little baby tools. I did my best to look extra pregnant too; I’m sure that helped.

We got off pretty easy on days 5 and 6. I’d say this whole flooring gig is coming along just fine.

Days 3 and 4

Where is the water coming from?

Water damage. Blegh. Not exactly what we wanted to see under the carpet. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like much water has been coming in at a time…but if it’s been happening for 10 years, we might have a problem. It rained for about 30 minutes on Saturday, and we ended up with a slightly damp 3 inch area around each corner.

Day 3, Sunday

Bought caulk, a caulk gun (how we’ve gone this long without a caulk gun I’ll never know), and new weather stripping. Weather stripping didn’t quite fit. Bummer. Looks like we’ll be making another trip to Home Depot.

Day 4, Monday

Cleaned out the gutters near the door and generally did all we could to redirect water away from the area. Caulked around the door. Well, Dave did all that. And I’m sure he did a great job. Now we’re just waiting for a good rain to see if we’ve made any improvement.

Fingers crossed…..

The Beginning

Day 1. The sunroom.

Buh-bye, carpet.  We won’t miss you. Or your nasty little tack strips.

Day 2. The new floor comes inside to “acclimate.” 35 boxes, 33 pounds each. Too bad I was busy growing a baby and had to let Dave carry all of it in from the garage by himself.

It’s amazing how different the house looks with just one room of carpet gone. It’s tempting to just go ahead and demo the rest of the rooms, but I’d kind of like to be able to sit on the couch for a few more days. I don’t know if you noticed, but no carpet=no furniture. The new floor will get installed next Saturday, so we’ll be tearing this place up little by little until then.

Stay tuned!