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Goodnight, Moon

Sometimes when you decide to get dressed, make breakfast, eat it, clean the kitchen, make banana bread, make meatloaf, re-clean the kitchen, and sweep that spilled popcorn up off the floor all during the baby’s nap….you forget to put the egg in the banana bread.

Other times you accidentally order the wrong copy of a book from Amazon. I thought I was ordering Amelia this board book . You know, so she can read it and play with it without destroying it too much.

Instead I ordered her the same book….only in hardcover….with real paper pages. Which is great if you’re old enough to take care of books. And old enough to remember not to eat the pages.

Sorry, baby. Mama was a little busy that day. But good news! The banana bread tastes just fine without the egg.

We keeps it simple

Or at least we try. Last week my friend Sarah shared with me this great little rhyme about Christmas presents. And since I’m all about simplifying our life with a newborn, I latched onto it like a long lost friend. So here it is:

“Something you want, something you need, something to play with, something to read.”

We had already decided that we want to get Amelia a book or set of books each year for Christmas. I can’t wait for the year that I can buy her the box set of the Chronicles of Narnia or Anne of Green Gables. So it’s perfect. And this year I get to decide what Amelia wants in addition to what she needs.

So using this little rhyme’s system, Amelia will get 4 gifts from us. That sounds like plenty to me when you consider how many she’ll get from her grandparents, aunts, uncles and various friends and family members. She’s gotten quite a few presents in the mail already!

Speaking of presents, we can’t get enough of this one.

The best Christmas gift (or) This Item is not for sale

Do you know someone who makes quilts? If you don’t, you need to make a quilting friend, fast. Stop reading this and get out there and make a new friend.

It’s worth it. Look at this quilt my mom made us for Christmas.

Soft. Warm. Quilted. Heirloom.  Can something be an heirloom if it hasn’t been in the family for generations? Can it be a future heirloom?  Heirloom to be?

I am now the proud owner of two handmade quilts – one made by my grandma, and one made by my mom.  Wait, does this mean that I collect quilts? Because if it does, I’m in heaven.

First Gifts of the Season

I have 2 people crossed off my Christmas list already.  I know you’re jealous.  You wish you could be super organized like me. It’s hard, I know.

And now a picture of a my first crocheted snowflake ornament. All my crochet hooks are too big, thus the large stitches, but I’m not allowed to go back to JoAnn’s til Friday 😦

But at least I know I can do it! Just you wait, Henry Higgins, til I get that small hook.  Snowflakes will abound.