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Monday Madness

It was just your average weekend here at HuYoung Heaven. Old friends, new babies, laughter, fresh stories, good food, late nights, hot coffee, bare feet, and record heat.

Nothing beats old friends. Unless it’s watching your children become friends. Man, I love that.

When our friends’ youngest boy was 6 months old, I tried out my new stretchy baby wrap with him. It was my first baby wearing experience and I loved it.  I couldn’t wait for Amelia to get here so I could wear her too. Now the little fella is 18 months old, and he let me wear him again this weekend, just for old time’s sake. I wish I had a picture of it. I love babywearing. There may be a post on that subject coming soon. I mean, yesterday while I was wearing Amelia, I was able to bend down to pick up the 18 month old and hold him on my hip to keep him out of traffic for a minute. And I still had one hand free. Two babies, one hand. Now that’s what I wish I had a picture of.

Needless to say, we’re all a little bit exhausted over here. But it’s a good exhaustion. Amelia never had so much fun with two little boys to entertain her. Too bad they weren’t able to teach her to sleep through the night while they were here.  She did learn a lot about Buzz and Woody though, so that’s a plus.

Thanks for coming to visit, Jones family! Naptime, anyone?

How to win friends and influence people

Here’s a little secret for ya. I’ve never read that book. But I do know that I could write a much shorter one that will help you win friends and influence people just as easily. Here, I’ll write it for you right now.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Bring a baby with you.”


Seriously, folks, this works. I’m gonna make millions off this book, I just now it. Bringing a baby with you everywhere you go makes life so much easier. Of course, you have the hassle of getting said baby out of the house and to your destination, but once you are there…you’re winning.

Want the waitress to bring you more chips? Have your baby smile at her.

Want to cut in line at the bank? Let your baby start squealing (even happily) and they’ll trot out an extra teller just for you.

Want to meet people at church? Stand in the foyer with your cute baby. You’ll be mobbed with new friends.

Want a discount at a garage sale? Bring your baby and talk about how cute she would look in all those clothes…if only you could afford them.

I could go on and on. If you try this, let me know how it works for you. And my book is going to be published soon, I just know it, so don’t try and steal my idea. I’ll know it was you.


Monday Madness

Well here we are again, another Monday, another busy weekend, another baby turning 6 months old today.

Uh, what?

Yeah, you heard me. 6 months! Impossible.

But we had her 6 month photos done yesterday, so it must be true. The photos don’t lie. I hope.

This weekend in addition to my full time job of baby mama-ing, I’ve been working on As You Stitch{Baby}, and getting the house ready for our yearly visit from the Jones family!  Have you ever had friends that moved away, but a year later, when you went to visit them, you picked up right where you left off? And then the next year, when they came back to visit you, you picked right up again (only with one more child in tow)? Now this year, it’s our turn to add a baby to the mix and we can’t wait to introduce Amelia to the Jones fam! It’s hard to believe that when we first met them, their little Sam was the only baby in our group. Now he’s turning 5 (!) and has a little brother and Amelia to keep him company while the adults catch up on a whole year’s worth of life.  We can’t wait.

And because Amelia can’t wait any longer for me to get her out of her crib, her 6 month old “stats” post will have to wait. That’s life, folks…something is always waiting.