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How to: Messy fabric flowers

I’ve obviously decided that our baby needs some accessories. Flowers, to be precise. ¬†Sorry for the lack of diverse blogging material, but the only other thing going on around here is waiting. And trust me, that’s not even half as interesting as it sounds.

When my friend Sarah (who shares my love of hot glue) told me about these flowers she’s making, I had to make some for myself. I’m not about to be left out of any project that involves scrap fabric and hot glue. These babies are so easy to make that she literally texted me a picture and a “how to.” One of my new favorite text messages. Here’s her tutorial:

Just taking strips of fabric, hand stitching the bottom and pulling the thread tight to make a ruffle.  Then just make it into a circle, stitch it closed, and start on the next smaller ruffle. Oh yeah, hot glue the layers together.

Ah, we speak the same language. I knew exactly what she meant.

I made these two using scraps from my braided rug project and buttons from the bottom of my sewing bag. I wish I had a few more colors other than hot pink, teal, and yellow, but that is what JoAnn’s is for. Next time I’m at my mom’s house I am raiding her scrap bins! It’s a little ridiculous to buy scraps, but what can you do? A girl’s gotta make flowers…..

How to: Flowers

Another waiting for baby project. This was so fun and easy. I love playing with fire.

Holding the little squares of satin over the flame makes them curl up at the edges.

Stack up different sizes and voila! A flower.

I spent $1.50 on these 4 different fabrics, but only used a fraction of it. These flowers are practically free! And if you’ve researched bows and headbands for baby girls lately, you know that’s a pretty good deal.

I found this project at the same website as the paper wreath. Thanks, Jones Design Company!

The jungle

My purple coneflowers bloomed while we were on vacation.

I found cucumbers growing among the tomatoes. I didn’t plant any vegetables this year, so when I found tomato plants in last year’s garden, I just left them. They seem to be doing well. We’ll see how they do with the cucumber vines. I’m not staking anything….this is the year of not gardening. Thus, the jungle.

I brought a little of the jungle indoors today. Ain’t they purty?

Happy Friday!