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Two HALF beef patties??

Ok, before I even tell this story I have to back up a bit.

We love food. We don’t love fast food so much.  Usually it’s relegated to road trips. Tonight, for  a myriad of reasons that don’t make it any more ok, we opted for fast food.

Dave claimed he hadn’t had a Big Mac in 10 years (which is actually pretty likely) and he just HAD to have one to remember what it was like.

Poor Dave.  Oh, the disappointment.

Big Mac, what happened to you? Who stole one of your all beef patties?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a half patty. One little patty cut in half.  What? Let’s check the second one.

Yep, same thing.  Somebody done us wrong. Dave got a total of 1 (one!) patty on his big mac. Basically a cheeseburger with an extra bun. Come on, Mickey D’s.  Is this really what you are selling?

Is this a result of cutting corners, cutting cost, or just laziness? Maybe someone didn’t want to fry up another patty? Didn’t have the time? Didn’t have the initiative?

I’ll tell you who does have some initiative, though. Dave, that’s who. He’s about to be calling McDonalds and demanding some restitution.

And yes, those are our TV remotes next to the “Big” Mac. Don’t judge us.