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How to: Messy fabric flowers

I’ve obviously decided that our baby needs some accessories. Flowers, to be precise. ¬†Sorry for the lack of diverse blogging material, but the only other thing going on around here is waiting. And trust me, that’s not even half as interesting as it sounds.

When my friend Sarah (who shares my love of hot glue) told me about these flowers she’s making, I had to make some for myself. I’m not about to be left out of any project that involves scrap fabric and hot glue. These babies are so easy to make that she literally texted me a picture and a “how to.” One of my new favorite text messages. Here’s her tutorial:

Just taking strips of fabric, hand stitching the bottom and pulling the thread tight to make a ruffle.  Then just make it into a circle, stitch it closed, and start on the next smaller ruffle. Oh yeah, hot glue the layers together.

Ah, we speak the same language. I knew exactly what she meant.

I made these two using scraps from my braided rug project and buttons from the bottom of my sewing bag. I wish I had a few more colors other than hot pink, teal, and yellow, but that is what JoAnn’s is for. Next time I’m at my mom’s house I am raiding her scrap bins! It’s a little ridiculous to buy scraps, but what can you do? A girl’s gotta make flowers…..

Teal or turquoise?

It all began with this pillow. My mom bought me this outdoor pillow a few years ago, and I loved it so much that it never went outside. As you can see, it lives on the couch.

Then there was this pillow on our bed. After we painted our bedroom grey, I decided that we needed curtains to match this pillow.

Ta da! Curtains. I’m really sorry about the horrible picture. Can someone please tell me how to take a picture of a window without it going all white like that? Thanks.

And then our master bathroom needed a little turquoise to brighten it up. Thanks, Target, for your $10 shower curtains.

The teal/turquoise phase didn’t end with household goods. I bought this fabric from JoAnn’s and had Mom make me a nursing cover. Then I wondered if I should just buy the whole bolt of fabric to have on hand just in case there was an unforeseen teal emergency.

A little beach cover up. This one wasn’t entirely my fault. There were only 2 colors left in my size – turquoise and salmon. It wasn’t really a hard choice.

My long coveted Moby Wrap. Great choice of fabric, don’t you think?

So I have 1 question for you: Would you call these colors teal or turquoise? I’m conflicted.