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Insert Clever Title Here

I have so much and yet so little to say.

I’ve been fighting with our printer for two days. When Mama says print, she means print! Don’t make me come over there and plug the computer in with the USB! That defeats the whole purpose of wireless printing. UGH.

The Etsy shops are staying busy. We’re sponsors over at Under the Sycamore this month. I may have been obsessed with that blog and all its great DIY projects for a little while before the munchkin was born. But I can neither confirm nor deny. Anyway, our little shop is featured over there this month and we are excited!

Amelia met her cousin Nathan today. You’d think that I’d have all kinds of cute photos to share, but alas; I always choke under pressure and forget to get the camera out. Plus, I was busy trying to get my little Mama’s girl to let her Aunt & Uncle hold her. She’s going through an “All Mama, All the Time” phase, so a weekend with her grandparents and aunts and uncles in town should be all smiles for her. Or not. She did much better with everyone after she had a little nap and time to adjust her attitude, so here’s hoping a good night’s sleep cures her of what ails her.

And on that note, I’m off to get my own good night’s sleep. Until 12:30am, when my little sidekick will decide she needs me. It’s tough being a Mama’s girl.

Oh, the weather outside is beautiful

Of course, the last few days were nasty, but yesterday…oh man. You couldn’t ask for better weather. 70, breezy, abundant sunshine. Just what we needed after those ridiculous storms that hit the South on Wednesday.

So we spent some time outside working on some new Etsy items.

We modeled new flapper hats

And picnic blankets

etsy picnic blanket

And more hats

etsy flapper hat

And more picnic blankets esty picnic blanket

new label on blanket
Check it out – the picnic blankets are waterproof! Vinyl on the back, cotton on the front. It’s genius! Check them out in the baby shop!

So much time, so little to do

Strike that, reverse it.

No shortage of things to do around here. Fabric to shop for, baby wipes to cut out, wash cloths to crochet, TV to watch.

reusable flannel wipes

It seems like most of the world (or least regular programming) stops for the Royal Wedding, but not mine.

My world just keeps on spinning. I can’t stop just because some prince somewhere is getting married. Heck, I can’t even watch it on TV without my husband complaining about it being UN-AMERICAN.

So it looks like he won’t be watching any more foreign kung fu movies. I know, my logic is powerful. If I can’t watch old re-runs of Charles’ and Diana’s wedding, he can’t watch Ong Bak 3. I don’t know if that’s even a kung fu movie, but it has lots of fighting and it isn’t in English, so he’s not watching it.

We are watching the new show “The Voice” though. Like literally watching it right now. Not as you’re reading this, tomorrow morning when it’s posted, but tonight as I’m writing it. One of our friends is supposed to be on this show, but if he doesn’t make an appearance soon, I’m going to bed. Of course the one person I want to see is being saved for last. If this turns out to be a 2 hour premiere, Mama ain’t gonna be happy.

Don’t be cutting into my sleep time, NBC. It’s limited enough as it is.

And on that note…good night.

A Baby and her Blankets

I was scrolling through iPhoto today, and I noticed that Amelia has a lot of homemade blankets. I mean, I know she has a lot of blankets, but I loved seeing them in photos.

Elephant Blanket: Made by Grammy. She sleeps with this blanket everyday. It’s satin on the back. Like most babies, she loves to chew on the satin.

Hexagon Afghan. Made by Mama. We used this blanket more in the winter. It is HEAVY.

Little Birdie Crib Quilt. Made by Grammy.  This little blanket lived in the bassinet for a while, and now it lives on the back of the rocking chair in the nursery.

Circles and squares quilt. Again, made by Grammy. This is our playtime quilt. She loves to roll around on it and look at the different fabrics and patterns. Check out a non-slobbered on version for sale in our Etsy shop!

I can think of 4 more homemade blankets that I haven’t shown you. It takes a long time to upload photos here on the blog. The girl has too many blankets. I guess it’s a good problem to have.

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Random

I know, I know, it’s another babywearing photo. Or two. But while I’ve been busy launching As You Stitch {Baby}, Amelia has been busy working on her baby modeling portfolio.

She knows the camera loves her.  Thanks to our crack team of producers (my Mom), business managers (Me), baby models (Amelia), and photographers (Clore Photography and Jon Van Gilder Photography) we already have our first sale! And on the first official day of business too.

Phew. I’m glad it’s over. It’s been a crazy whirlwind leading up to this point, but I think we’re over the hump now. Most of the kinks are worked out and we are ready for business!

And now, just for fun, check out Amelia’s toe-grabbin’ skills. No, I don’t have any idea how she can stretch like that either. Babies are so flexible. She is literally folded in half.

Ah, gums. Who doesn’t love a little baby gummy smile? No teeth yet. Who needs em. Not us, that’s for sure.

Embrace the Camera over at the Andersons today!

It’s a pillowcase that you can wear.

Makes sense, right? I know every night when I lay down on my pillow I think, “Man, pillowcase, you look so soft and comfy that I wish I could wear you.”  Well, maybe not. Maybe if I had designer pillowcases.

While I may not know why a pillowcase dress is called a pillowcase dress, I do know this one thing: It’s cute. Good gracious on the cuteness factor.

The original “Me & My Doll” Pillowcase Dress was this brown damask print, but it was so popular that we soon expanded to pink, red, and teal (which is already sold out).

damask print pillowcase dress

me and my doll matching pillowcase dress

me and my doll matching pillowcase dress

They are continuing to be great sellers, and I’ll be sad when we’re out of this fabric.

Today we added two new fabrics to the pillowcase dress collection. I am IN LOVE with these new madras prints. Especially the reddish one…is it too soon to be thinking about the 4th of July? Because after seeing these dresses I am. And I already know what kind of dress I want Amelia to wear…

Monday Madness

Well here we are again, another Monday, another busy weekend, another baby turning 6 months old today.

Uh, what?

Yeah, you heard me. 6 months! Impossible.

But we had her 6 month photos done yesterday, so it must be true. The photos don’t lie. I hope.

This weekend in addition to my full time job of baby mama-ing, I’ve been working on As You Stitch{Baby}, and getting the house ready for our yearly visit from the Jones family!  Have you ever had friends that moved away, but a year later, when you went to visit them, you picked up right where you left off? And then the next year, when they came back to visit you, you picked right up again (only with one more child in tow)? Now this year, it’s our turn to add a baby to the mix and we can’t wait to introduce Amelia to the Jones fam! It’s hard to believe that when we first met them, their little Sam was the only baby in our group. Now he’s turning 5 (!) and has a little brother and Amelia to keep him company while the adults catch up on a whole year’s worth of life.  We can’t wait.

And because Amelia can’t wait any longer for me to get her out of her crib, her 6 month old “stats” post will have to wait. That’s life, folks…something is always waiting.

A Sneak Peak

A few days ago I told you that while my mom was in town we did some serious sewing for our Etsy shop, As You Stitch. But what I didn’t tell you was that most of the sewing was for our newest venture, As You Stitch {Baby}. The original As You Stitch is coming along so well that we are expanding!

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect in As You Stitch {Baby}.

Stretchy Baby Carriers


Baby Ponchos

hooded baby poncho

Cloth blocks (both large and small) like Amelia’s.   ps – don’t you just love a baby in a toy box?

Cloth Wipes (again, like Amelia’s, seen here)


See those little stacks of scrap flannel below? Just the beginnings of many many little heiny wipers. We hit up JoAnn’s for more of the cutest little 1/2 yards of flannel that you ever did see. Oh, and look, there’s Amelia’s block again. And look again, Emma is wearing a twirl skirt!

Coming also to As You Stitch {Baby} – Boutique Baby Clothes, Picnic Blankets, Handmade Toys and more!  Just as soon as we get it all photographed and listed. We’re aiming to have the shop open by mid-April. Stay tuned!

Etsy, etsy, etsy

I realized I haven’t shown the world wide interwebs any new etsy items recently. Tsk tsk tsk.  I’ve just been too busy watching the rabbits eat all my tomato plants I guess.

While the “Me & My Doll” matching pajama pant sets were our bread and butter over the winter, we’re really starting to sell a lot more dresses now that the weather is warming up. The pillowcase dress is still a winner, with these smocked sundresses coming in second.

And speaking of pajama pants, though, don’t these make you want to go jump back into your bed?

american girl pajamas

american girl pants

american girl lime green pants

Now that you mention it, I think I will jump into bed. It’s only 8:30pm, but there’s a cute little baby girl around here who likes to wake up for a snack around 2am. I’ll let you guess who it is. Here’s a hint: it’s not me.


Monday Madness

Holy Cuh-razy, Batman.

We had quite the weekend over here. Let me begin with an item of utmost significance.

Amelia slept 11.5 hours straight on Saturday night. 12.5 if you use the time change to fudge the numbers, but we don’t cheat like that; we plays it straight here at HuYoung Heaven. I put her to bed at 6:30pm and didn’t hear a peep from her til 7am. Which was really 6, due to the time change. But the clock said 7. Confusing, yeah? Never the less, we had an amazingly well rested and happy baby!

After church yesterday, Dave busted out the pressure washer and can I just say LOVE. Can I use it to clean the inside of the house, too? We were like kids fighting over whose turn it was to use it. We have to give it back to its rightful owner soon, so I’m happy to report that there will be more pressure washing in my near future. The siding on our house never looked so good. Dave even surprised me by washing the bricks on our north facing front steps. Bye bye, fuzzy green stuff. Bye bye, bird poop. Oh clean bricks, how I love thee.

I’ve also been doing a lot of this

painting the table white

and this

strolling in the sun

For reasons that shall remain known only to Amelia, she prefers to ride in this little umbrella stroller instead of her sweet cushy (expensive) full sized ride. She doesn’t care that the handles are just a smidge too short for Mama, or that the wheels don’t turn smoothly. She just likes it.

So when I’m not pressure washing the house, painting end tables and shelves, and making never ending loops around the block…I’m here on the computer doing Etsy work. Because, let me tell ya, folks. We have a winner. This pillowcase dress

damask print pillowcase dress

is FLYING off the cyber shelves. Mom is sewing non-stop to keep up with the demand. I even had to go to my JoAnn’s here in Nashville to buy more fabric, because Mom has run her JoAnn’s clean out. You can guess how sad I was to be forced to add a trip to Jo’s house to my to do list.

Since I had to go to Jo’s I sent Dave to the grocery store. Ever since Amelia was born he has turned into the best personal shopper. I love a man who can recognize and appreciate a good price on a pound of butter. Have you seen the price of butter these days? Dave can let you know when it’s on sale so you can stock up like he does.

And on that caloric note…I’ll bid you adieu. The Post Office awaits. And the stroller. And more emails, paypals, and etsy- pals. Oh, and those shelves could use another coat of paint if you have a minute…..