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Embrace the Camera. Edition: 6 months

We almost missed Embrace the Camera today, but we made it. It’s still Thursday for a few more hours.

Right? I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday. Oh well, let’s just go with it.

Aww, what a cute little family. Only 1 week before she’s 7 months old, I’m getting around to posting Amelia’s 6 month photos. You’re welcome. Special thanks to Clore Photography for the photos!

Embrace the Camera over at the Anderson’s today

Embrace the Camera. Edition: It’s a video!

As mentioned yesterday, the Fake Gag. Joined by its friend, Peas in the Nose.

She’s a crazy one. And she’ll do anything to prevent the food from actually going in her belly.

Does it count for Embrace the Camera if we aren’t actually in the video but you can hear our voices? I’m going with yes. Join the fun over at the Anderson’s!

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Random

I know, I know, it’s another babywearing photo. Or two. But while I’ve been busy launching As You Stitch {Baby}, Amelia has been busy working on her baby modeling portfolio.

She knows the camera loves her.  Thanks to our crack team of producers (my Mom), business managers (Me), baby models (Amelia), and photographers (Clore Photography and Jon Van Gilder Photography) we already have our first sale! And on the first official day of business too.

Phew. I’m glad it’s over. It’s been a crazy whirlwind leading up to this point, but I think we’re over the hump now. Most of the kinks are worked out and we are ready for business!

And now, just for fun, check out Amelia’s toe-grabbin’ skills. No, I don’t have any idea how she can stretch like that either. Babies are so flexible. She is literally folded in half.

Ah, gums. Who doesn’t love a little baby gummy smile? No teeth yet. Who needs em. Not us, that’s for sure.

Embrace the Camera over at the Andersons today!

Embrace the Camera. Edition: 1 Day Late

I was so proud of myself for getting Amelia’s 6 month photos posted yesterday that I totally forgot about Embrace the Camera.

Is it too late?  Anybody?

Well, shoot, I don’t care if it is too late.

Here’s a picture of me and my honey pie.

baby and mama

Chewing her fingers, hair sticking up, wearing as few clothes as possible. Yep, that’s her.

We are both so stoked for warmer weather. Specifically, bare foot weather. Oh yeah, no more little baby socks falling off all the time, getting lost in the laundry, stuck inside jammies. Only teensy tiny baby toes. Perfect.

Embrace the Camera over at the Andersons!

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Grammy

Grammy (my mom) and Auntie Emma (my little sister) were in town this week, and boy did our baby get spoiled. She didn’t mind though. Yesterday morning I snapped a few photos of Amelia and her Grammy getting in some snuggle time. It was early – Amelia was still in her favorite ducky jams.

baby with grammy

baby and grandmother

I hope one day Amelia will love looking at these pictures of herself with her grandmother. I know I love seeing pictures of myself with my grandparents.

Embrace the Camera is all about getting in front of the camera with your kids (or grandkids). Join the fun over at the Anderson Family Crew

Happy Thursday, y’all!

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Sidekick

We hang out together. A lot.

We make bread.

babywearing, moby wrap

We eat soup.


We paint.


We play peekaboo.



We get tired, and we take naps.


She’s my little sidekick. And no, you can’t have her.

Embrace the camera over at the Anderson’s today.

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Daddy Time

I love Dave’s days off. I’m pretty sure Amelia does too. I went looking for these two yesterday and found them like this. Private concert.  Amelia was fascinated by the guitar.

Dangit, she saw me.

Are you seeing those chubby arms, people? Yesterday was the first time Amelia wore short sleeves and it was so strange to see her arms! They are SO soft and pudgy.

Practicing sitting up. And grabbing for the camera. She’s getting better at both.

Eyes crossed in concentration. It takes a lot of effort to sit up, hold a teething ring in your mouth, AND reach for the camera at the same time. Our girl’s got skills.

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Fresh Out of the Oven

The other day while attempting to organize our bajillions of pictures of Amelia, I found these. I don’t know who took them, or even whose camera they are from. But this is how I found them. In this order.

One minute she’s on the inside (or “in the clink”) as Dave likes to call it, the next she’s in our arms. Although I’m pretty sure at least 3 hours of grueling labor passed in between the first two photos, it’s still kinda crazy to see them in sequence.

at the hospital

daddy and baby meet

mama and baby meet

Well hello there, tiny. Nice to meet you.

Embrace the Camera. Edition: Outside for Life!

Our little munchkin loves to be outside, and this mama couldn’t be happier about that. Thankfully the weather has been cooperating with her demands and we’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time outside. She doesn’t care if we’re strolling, playing on a blanket or even just standing still….as long as we’re doing it outside she is more than fine with it. Which is quite a difference to how she feels about most things that happen inside.

Daddy was home yesterday and snapped a few pics of us playing in the backyard. This was her first time on the ground. Not the floor, the real ground. Of course, no grass for her yet. She chilled out on a vintage blanket that used to be Daddy’s. Is 27 years old vintage? Probably not. But “vintage blanket” sounds so much cooler than “old blanket.” And yes, that’s a moving blanket under the baby blanket. The ground today was kind of, well…damp.

baby plays outside

Whad up, daddy? I’s just chewin on my two favowite fingers.

baby plays outside

Why it always bes so bwight?

baby and mama outside

And eben more bwighter?!

Embrace the Camera over at the Anderson Crew. Happy Thursday, y’all.

Embrace the Camera

Embrace the Camera, February 24. Edition: We’re not getting off the couch just for a little photo shoot.

baby and mama

baby and mama

baby and mama

baby and mama


Embrace over at the Anderson’s.

Happy Thursday, yall.