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It’s a pillowcase that you can wear.

Makes sense, right? I know every night when I lay down on my pillow I think, “Man, pillowcase, you look so soft and comfy that I wish I could wear you.” ¬†Well, maybe not. Maybe if I had designer pillowcases.

While I may not know why a pillowcase dress is called a pillowcase dress, I do know this one thing: It’s cute. Good gracious on the cuteness factor.

The original “Me & My Doll” Pillowcase Dress was this brown damask print, but it was so popular that we soon expanded to pink, red, and teal (which is already sold out).

damask print pillowcase dress

me and my doll matching pillowcase dress

me and my doll matching pillowcase dress

They are continuing to be great sellers, and I’ll be sad when we’re out of this fabric.

Today we added two new fabrics to the pillowcase dress collection. I am IN LOVE with these new madras prints. Especially the reddish one…is it too soon to be thinking about the 4th of July? Because after seeing these dresses I am. And I already know what kind of dress I want Amelia to wear…