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Busy Little Bees

The HuYoung sweat shop is officially open. My mom and sister are visiting, and when they aren’t spoiling the baby beyond all recognition, we’re sewing.

And cutting.

And pinning.

And sewing.

We had to recruit my sister-in-law Kayla to help too.

Lots of new stuff coming soon to the Etsy world!

Amelia’s Wall of Randomness

I would just like to start off by saying that Amelia’s nursery will never be “finished.” It’s always changing and evolving. I like to think that this will somehow encourage some creativity in her. Or something. It won’t encourage stagnation, that’s for sure.

The most recent finished project in her nursery is her wall of randomness. I had a sort of vague idea of what I wanted for this wall, but it took a while for it to come together. One day it clicked. I like it. Amelia loves it. Especially when it’s nap time. “But look, Mama, at my wall! It’s so cool! I couldn’t possibly sleep now….I need to talk to the wall.”

So here it is. It still needs a little something at the top I think, but I’m happy with it for now. For now.


OH. MYLANTA. I tried all day to get a good picture, but apparently taking pictures of walls is an art that I haven’t learned. The only window in Amelia’s room is directly across from this wall, so there were crazy shadows, glares, and pink tint (from her curtains) bouncing around all day. Ugh. Anyway.

One of my favorite features of the wall of randomness is the price. Let me break it down for ya

  • Je t’aime pour toujours – free print, $5  black frame

I found this print on etsy and immediately fell in love. I ordered one for my mom and one for my  baby. By ordering a gift for my sis in law too, I was able to take advantage of the seller’s buy 2 get 1 free sale. I count Amelia’s as the freebie. Side note: je t’aime pour toujours is French for I’ll love you  forever. My mom’s side of the family is French. In fact, Amelia Jane’s Great Grandmother Jane only spoke French at home as a child. So that’s the story there.

  • Button picture frame – free. It was a baby gift.
  • Hat Box “a” – $.25

Some friends of ours gave us a super cute gift basket of goodies for Amelia. The gift basket itself was actually a round hat box. I’m using the box for toys and repurposed the lid for the wall. The blue ‘a’ is cut from a 25 cent piece of scrapbook paper from JoAnn’s and mod podged on to the lid. I heart mod podge.

  • Embroidery Hoop “A” – $1.29

The hoop was $1.29 at…wait for it….JoAnn Fabrics. Of course. Scrap fabric, ribbon and buttons were from my box of random sewing things. The ribbon and buttons were actually donated to my sewing box by my mom, I think.

  • Cardboard “A” – $3.50ish

Cardboard letter from Jo’s, scrapbook paper, ribbons and whatnots from my craft box. Again, most of which was given to me by my mom.

  • Wooden “A” – $.59

Wooden letter from Mom, yellow craft paint from Jo.

Let’s see, that makes the grand total for the whole project….calculating…..


Ahhhh. If I could pat myself on the back I would.

If this isn’t the cutest thing…

….I don’t know what is.

Just look at that pout!

Ah, there’s a little smile.

Yeah girl, you know you love that doll.

Aren’t these aprons great? This is a new Etsy item that my mom is making. Matching aprons and chef hats for little girls and their dolls.

My mom never made me anything like this. Ok, that’s a lie. She probably did, I just don’t have pictures of it. She made a lot of my clothes actually. She tried to teach me how to make doll clothes….but we don’t need to go there. No need to ruin everyone’s Wednesday.

Sorry I never learned to sew, Mom! I did learn how to knit and crochet though! And look what a great team we make now.

Glad I could get that off my chest. It’s been troubling me for years.

Crochet Envy

Every once in a while, I do a bad thing. I find the coolest knitting or crochet blogs, and spend hours drooling over them. Today I just found one blog, but that was enough.

Oh. my. gosh. This blog. A lady in England, a stay at home mom who crochets. I want to be her. And if I can’t be her, I want to crochet like her. That, at least, I can do. Minus the expensive yarn – that I can’t do.

Look at this! Just a basic granny square afghan. But embellished with a few flowers…and two little munchkins.

Birds! How cute would these be as a mobile in a baby’s room? I think a know a few little baby girls that need these in their room.

Granny’s Flower Patch. So cute. So colorful.

And then there is this. This hexagon blanket. Must. Make. One. Today.

Hexagons! Why didn’t I think of that?

Needless to say, baby boy project that was started yesterday has gone back in the yarn bin, and all the scraps have come out. I didn’t want to make an afghan that was quite this colorful (yes, I’m a chicken, and yes, I need order in my life). I found 4 great colors in my stash, and I am happy to report that I have already made 3 delightful hexagons. 3 down, 100 to go. This is going to be good.

Check out the blog and be inspired.