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Food Wars

Today Dave made me oatmeal for breakfast. Then he left for the gym. While he was gone I ate my oatmeal out of the pan (while holding the baby on my hip) and made a batch of granola.

He came home from the gym and made himself a bowl of fresh granola and sat down at the table to eat. A few minutes later I smelled something spicy.

“What are you having with that granola? Is that some weird Chinese stuff? Or you having that for breakfast?” I was appalled.

Dave sheepishly nodded that yes, he was having weird Chinese stuff for breakfast. I wish I knew what exactly he was eating so that I could tell you…but I don’t. Probably spicy beef tendon. I really couldn’t look at it because it was too early in the morning. It may have been tripe. I don’t know. Whatever it was, it wasn’t meant to be eaten for breakfast with granola and milk, I can tell you that. ¬†At least according to this white girl.

But such is life in a racially diverse household. Poor little Amelia is going to be so confused. Dave will eat any food at any time, but other than the occasional slice of cold pizza in the morning, I like to eat breakfast food at breakfast.

I wonder who Amelia will take after. As much as I’d like to think she’ll be just like me, I sort of secretly hope she’ll be a food lover like her daddy. He needs someone to eat spicy tendon with in the mornings.