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Monday Madness

Because I may not get around to posting the etsy shop updates today, here are a few randomly selected stories for you. Enjoy.

Things that make you go “Huh?”

The other night at the grocery store 2 families and their carts were blocking the aisle that I was trying to leave. They paused their conversation to move aside and let me go in between them. I politely said “Excuse me” as I passed, and in return one of the men said “Well, look at her, she’s got a cart!” Ummm…yep, so do you, mister. So does everyone else in here.

Last Thursday, while driving to my brother in law’s house, we were rear-ended at a stop light. It was just a little nudge, and it left just a little damage to our bumper. While our car is in the shop getting all that sorted out, we’ve got a rental car. Dave was pretty stoked about the giant trunk. Hide n’ Seek, anyone?

man in trunk of chevy malibu


On Friday, Amelia and I stayed home all day because we didn’t have the rental car yet. On Saturday, we went to church with Dave and came home to find out that we had no water. Turn on the faucet and…drip. drip. nothing.  It came back on after a little while, but our neighbors across the street said that their water never went out. Weird. It’s our lucky week I guess. Or maybe I’m just not supposed to leave the house. We’ll see how long that lasts….

Lines of Communication

Today I had a 9am oil change appointment. So much for sleeping in on my day off. Boo. But I got there. And then I got irate.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed it was almost full. Great, I thought, this is going to take forever. At least I have an appointment.

I walk in and think Boy is it ever loud and packed in here. To the older gentleman behind the counter I say, “Hi, I have an appointment for an oil change.”

“Are you gonna leave the car with us?” he asks me.

“Well, no, I was gonna stay and wait.”

“It won’t be done until after lunch at the earliest. You should’ve got here earlier. You got someone who can come pick you up?”

No, I don’t have someone to come pick me up. The point of making a 9am appointment was getting here early enough to get it done in 45 minutes!

No,” I tell him, I was planning on waiting for it. You sure it won’t be done til after lunch? I usually just wait and it’s never more than hour.”

He starts to get exasperated. “We’re full up today. I got a lot of cars back there. Why don’t you bring it back tomorrow at 7? Get here early and then we can get it done for ya.”

“Fine,” I say, “I’ll talk to my husband.” I give him a kind of irritated look, but soften it with a shoulder shrug as if to say Whatever, this sucks – but nothing we can do about it.

I didn’t really get mad until I got in the car, started driving away, and called Dave. “I drove all the way up here on my day off!” I fumed. “Had to set my alarm to make sure I wasn’t late! What’s the point of making an appointment if they won’t actually work on your car at the appointed time? You have got to find somewhere better to take the cars. I hate this place, they are always screwing me over!”  And so it went.

Dave called and talked to the service manager who said I should turn around and they would make it right – do the oil change as soon as I got there. I didn’t want to go back and be the crazy lady who had her husband call and complain. But I also didn’t want to have wasted the 25 minute drive there. So I swallowed my pride and went back.

I go in and the older gentleman says to me, “Why didn’t you tell me you had an appointment? We do appointments right away.  Won’t be more than 45 minutes.”

Sweet mercy. If only I had told him I had an appointment.