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Just how much butter did I use during holiday cooking and baking?  More than can possibly be legal.

And you know what? I’m ok with that. And you know what else? It ain’t over yet.

Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies. 2 sticks.  Twice.  Running total=4 sticks

Butterhorn rolls. 1.5 sticks.  Thrice.  Running total=8.5 sticks

Gingerbread Men.  1 stick.  Running total=9.5 sticks

Chex Mix (Eaten too fast for a picture). 1 stick  Again, thrice. R.T=12.5 sticks

Ham casserole (leftover ham, potatoes, etc. baked in a pie). 1 stick. R.T=13.5

Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing. At least 2 sticks. R.T=15.5 sticks

Miscellaneous butter usage: frying eggs, spreading on rolls and toast, basting turkeys, buttering dishes. At least 2 sticks. Total=17.5 sticks.

17.5  sticks of butter. A little over 4 boxes.

The butter industry loves me. And I love them. And we love each other.