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The cow jumping over the moon

Three loads of laundry to be folded, the dishwasher to be emptied and dinner to be made. But Amelia wants to read Goodnight, Moon for the sixth time in a row, so….

“In the great green room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of….”

Goodnight, Moon

Sometimes when you decide to get dressed, make breakfast, eat it, clean the kitchen, make banana bread, make meatloaf, re-clean the kitchen, and sweep that spilled popcorn up off the floor all during the baby’s nap….you forget to put the egg in the banana bread.

Other times you accidentally order the wrong copy of a book from Amazon. I thought I was ordering Amelia this board book . You know, so she can read it and play with it without destroying it too much.

Instead I ordered her the same book….only in hardcover….with real paper pages. Which is great if you’re old enough to take care of books. And old enough to remember not to eat the pages.

Sorry, baby. Mama was a little busy that day. But good news! The banana bread tastes just fine without the egg.

We keeps it simple

Or at least we try. Last week my friend Sarah shared with me this great little rhyme about Christmas presents. And since I’m all about simplifying our life with a newborn, I latched onto it like a long lost friend. So here it is:

“Something you want, something you need, something to play with, something to read.”

We had already decided that we want to get Amelia a book or set of books each year for Christmas. I can’t wait for the year that I can buy her the box set of the Chronicles of Narnia or Anne of Green Gables. So it’s perfect. And this year I get to decide what Amelia wants in addition to what she needs.

So using this little rhyme’s system, Amelia will get 4 gifts from us. That sounds like plenty to me when you consider how many she’ll get from her grandparents, aunts, uncles and various friends and family members. She’s gotten quite a few presents in the mail already!

Speaking of presents, we can’t get enough of this one.

Hint of Fall

Here at HuYoung Heaven we are Very Big Fans of Fall. Last night we attempted to have our first fall bonfire of the year, but it got rained out. Bummer. Do-over next week. So what do you do on a rainy afternoon when you no longer have to worry about last minute preparations for a bonfire?

Make a fall wreath.

I’ve been feeling very crafty lately (at least for me) and stumbled upon this awesome wreath while cruising around blogland. It was a great excuse to buy a glue gun….for only $2.50! Who knew they were that cheap? I should have had one years ago. I bought a $1 wreath from the dollar store, found an old, shaggy copy of David Copperfield on the bookshelf, and went to work. Dave even joined in the fun. I had him tear out the pages because I couldn’t bear to do it myself. Turns out he’s pretty handy with a glue gun too.

I think it turned out quite nicely for $1/1 hour craft.

Are you decorating for Fall yet?

A little armchair reading….

….and baby boy’s blanket.

Because you can’t read a good book without a good blanket to keep you warm. Unless it’s summer, or spring, or January and it happens to be 55 degrees outside. In which case, you should probably get out there and wash your dog. Because he smells. Like corn chips. And winter will come back, don’t you worry, and there won’t be another chance to wash the corn chips off him til the real spring shows up.

I’m sorry, I just had to get that off my chest. The dog needs a bath, but I’m procrastinating. I wonder how long I can keep this up? Want to find out? I’m sure you don’t, but if you’ve stayed with me this long then it looks like you’re going to find out anyway.

Ok, enough chit chat. Down to business.

I’ve got some books to read. And when I say books, I do mean books. Not magazines.  Real life chapter books. Non-fiction. Look, I’ll prove it to you.

I think I’ve started 3 of them, but that picture is kind of far away so I can’t be sure. But yeah, I’m making good progress. Because I’ve got nothing if not free time on my hands. Between looking for Dave’s W-2, getting my background checked in 3 states, getting fingerprinted by the FBI, oh and washing the dog, I’m a veritable bank vault of free time over here. As in, the free time is there, I just can’t get to it. It’s locked down, like a vault (name that movie).

In other news, I’ve started a blanket for our little munchkin. It’s given me no end of trouble, so he’d better appreciate it! I think I’ve got in under control now, but I sure did rip out 2 hours worth of work on it.

Definitely a work in progress. But look at the cool ripple pattern…so retro-y….I think.

Well, that’s all the time we have for today folks. Todays show was brought to you by the letter….procrastinate.

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When I was about 10 years old I was given a few boxes of old books.  These were books that belonged to my dad’s side of the family – his parents, aunts, cousins, etc.



I was in heaven.  Two of my passions: books and history, together.

Those books followed me around during my growing up years. I read them, loved them, tried to imagine the lives of the people who read them before me.

Some have names inscribed.   Ellis Van Gilder.  My Grandpa.


Lorena. 1948. My great aunt (Ellis’ sister). But who is Grandma Van? I’m assuming that is my grandpa’s grandma, but I don’t even know her name. Thanks for the book though, Great Great Grandma. It’s still in the family.

Betty Ellis. Theora Ellis was my great grandmother, but who is Betty?


Ahhh, the beginning of my love affair with old westerns. Louis L’amour will always be my favorite, but Zane Grey started it all.


I really heart books.

3 weeks. Could you do it?


The danger of frequenting two different libraries is that you will forget how many books you checked out at the other library.

Dear Library: I know check out periods have been extended from 2 weeks to 3, but if you could just let me keep these books until I finish reading them (whenever that may be) I would be forever grateful. Signed, Overzealous in TN.