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Monday Madness

I’m thirsty.

Too much ham will do that to you, I guess. And ham gravy. And mashed potatoes.

Check this bad boy out.

Mmmmmm, come to Mama.

Amelia got a special treat for Easter, too. A whole carrot!

“Are yall sure I should eats dis?”

But just the carrot wasn’t enough. She wanted the camera too. “I’ll eat the carrot if you gives me the camera.”

Silly baby. She did enjoy that carrot, though. But even without teeth she managed to break off tiny bits that her mama was afraid she would choke on. It’s so dangerous being a baby.

But we made it through the weekend in one piece. Overeating and all.

Embrace the Camera. Edition: It’s a video!

As mentioned yesterday, the Fake Gag. Joined by its friend, Peas in the Nose.

She’s a crazy one. And she’ll do anything to prevent the food from actually going in her belly.

Does it count for Embrace the Camera if we aren’t actually in the video but you can hear our voices? I’m going with yes. Join the fun over at the Anderson’s!

I can do it myself

Our girl likes to put everything in her mouth. It’s a bit of an obsession really. And she doesn’t want just anything in her mouth, she wants things that she’s not supposed to have. Grass. Books. Cell phones. Hair. Really, she’s not picky. As long as you don’t try to feed it to her, she’ll eat it.

Pureed peas on a spoon? No thank you. Pureed peas frozen into an ice cube that she can feed herself? Yes, please.

Or, her new favorite – apple cores.

Hmmm, I finks I should eats you.

sitting in bumbo, eating apple

You so nummy.

baby eats apple

We’ll always be friends, right, apple core?

baby eats apple

What a delicious, sticky mess.