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The cow jumping over the moon

Three loads of laundry to be folded, the dishwasher to be emptied and dinner to be made. But Amelia wants to read Goodnight, Moon for the sixth time in a row, so….

“In the great green room, there was a telephone, and a red balloon, and a picture of….”



Help…..I’m slipping…..

Amelia. 20 months

Last week Amelia turned 20 months old. Some nerve she has.

Some great things about Amelia at 20 months old:

*Potty training. Can I get a what what?! Um, yeah. Either I’m a potty training genius or Amelia is. Either way, we are loving it. It’s only been a week, so I fully expect her to back slide now that I’ve declared to the inter webs that she’s potty trained. I can’t even HANDLE how cute she is in her little big girl undies.

*Talking. Amelia had been stuck on one syllable sounds for some time. I was about to lose my mind trying to figure out if “Bah” meant ball, book, balloon, bath, baby, etc. Thank the good little talking fairies, because we are now hearing words like “Potty,” “Baby,” “Juice,” “All done,” and “Help, please.” She still holds complete conversations in babble gibberish, which I hope never ends. She might not want to do it public once she is like 30. But she can always just live here forever and then it will be totally fine, right?

*Helping. Helping is like baby crack for Amelia. She’s not happy unless she is all up in your grill “helping” you with whatever you’re doing. The scary thing is…she is actually starting to be helpful! She helps me unload the dishwasher every morning by handing me each item, one at a time. Takes a tiny bit longer than doing it by myself, but I don’t have to bend over at all….so totally worth it. She loves to help with laundry, sweeping, finding Molly’s paci, giving Molly her paci, putting everyone’s shoes away, etc. Basically, if you say, “I need your help with this,” she is fired up and ready to assist. Need someone to crawl under a crib and get a paci? Amelia’s your girl. Need a laundry basket pushed over to the washer? Easy peasy. Amelia’s been doing that since before she could walk. Need a fan turned on? That’s Amelia’s new specialty. I think I’ll start hiring her out to the neighbors soon. Oh relax, I kid.

*Molly. The only thing Amelia could possibly love more than helping is playing with her sister. Molly is the first person she asks for as soon as she wakes up and the last person she kisses goodnight. I’d be jealous if it weren’t so darn adorable.

7 months

I was a week late taking Amelia’s 7 month photos, and now that I’m finally posting them, it’s two weeks late. Here’s how Amelia feels about that.


Shoo, she doesn’t scare me. I know that as long as I let her play with the calendar she’ll be just fine.

Uh oh, here come the screams again.

Ah, that looks comfy.

And now, for comparison
calendar pic
Can it possibly be the same baby??

What nummy eyes you have

Ah, cousins.

While they might not be quite old enough to play together yet, they’re still young enough for us to make them lay on the bed together for photo shoots. And Amelia is definitely old enough to think that she should eat Nathan.

Mmm, Nathan, your eyes wook so nummy.

And your hand wooks so nummy….

And your feets wook SO nummy!

Oh sweet cousin, eben your shirt is nummy….


Just c’mere and wets me eats you…and eberyfing will be fine.

Insert Clever Title Here

I have so much and yet so little to say.

I’ve been fighting with our printer for two days. When Mama says print, she means print! Don’t make me come over there and plug the computer in with the USB! That defeats the whole purpose of wireless printing. UGH.

The Etsy shops are staying busy. We’re sponsors over at Under the Sycamore this month. I may have been obsessed with that blog and all its great DIY projects for a little while before the munchkin was born. But I can neither confirm nor deny. Anyway, our little shop is featured over there this month and we are excited!

Amelia met her cousin Nathan today. You’d think that I’d have all kinds of cute photos to share, but alas; I always choke under pressure and forget to get the camera out. Plus, I was busy trying to get my little Mama’s girl to let her Aunt & Uncle hold her. She’s going through an “All Mama, All the Time” phase, so a weekend with her grandparents and aunts and uncles in town should be all smiles for her. Or not. She did much better with everyone after she had a little nap and time to adjust her attitude, so here’s hoping a good night’s sleep cures her of what ails her.

And on that note, I’m off to get my own good night’s sleep. Until 12:30am, when my little sidekick will decide she needs me. It’s tough being a Mama’s girl.

Oh, the weather outside is beautiful

Of course, the last few days were nasty, but yesterday…oh man. You couldn’t ask for better weather. 70, breezy, abundant sunshine. Just what we needed after those ridiculous storms that hit the South on Wednesday.

So we spent some time outside working on some new Etsy items.

We modeled new flapper hats

And picnic blankets

etsy picnic blanket

And more hats

etsy flapper hat

And more picnic blankets esty picnic blanket

new label on blanket
Check it out – the picnic blankets are waterproof! Vinyl on the back, cotton on the front. It’s genius! Check them out in the baby shop!

Auntie Em

Amelia loves her Auntie Emma. Thanks to a fortuitous turn of events, Grammy, Auntie Emma, and Uncle Nate have landed here in Nashville. If you thought the child was spoiled before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The weather was beautiful here today, so we spent some time outside on the picnic blanket. baby plays outside

Everything is all fun and games…

…until it’s not.

picnic blanket

Monday Madness

I’m thirsty.

Too much ham will do that to you, I guess. And ham gravy. And mashed potatoes.

Check this bad boy out.

Mmmmmm, come to Mama.

Amelia got a special treat for Easter, too. A whole carrot!

“Are yall sure I should eats dis?”

But just the carrot wasn’t enough. She wanted the camera too. “I’ll eat the carrot if you gives me the camera.”

Silly baby. She did enjoy that carrot, though. But even without teeth she managed to break off tiny bits that her mama was afraid she would choke on. It’s so dangerous being a baby.

But we made it through the weekend in one piece. Overeating and all.

Embrace the Camera. Edition: It’s a video!

As mentioned yesterday, the Fake Gag. Joined by its friend, Peas in the Nose.

She’s a crazy one. And she’ll do anything to prevent the food from actually going in her belly.

Does it count for Embrace the Camera if we aren’t actually in the video but you can hear our voices? I’m going with yes. Join the fun over at the Anderson’s!