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Insert Clever Title Here

I have so much and yet so little to say.

I’ve been fighting with our printer for two days. When Mama says print, she means print! Don’t make me come over there and plug the computer in with the USB! That defeats the whole purpose of wireless printing. UGH.

The Etsy shops are staying busy. We’re sponsors over at Under the Sycamore this month. I may have been obsessed with that blog and all its great DIY projects for a little while before the munchkin was born. But I can neither confirm nor deny. Anyway, our little shop is featured over there this month and we are excited!

Amelia met her cousin Nathan today. You’d think that I’d have all kinds of cute photos to share, but alas; I always choke under pressure and forget to get the camera out. Plus, I was busy trying to get my little Mama’s girl to let her Aunt & Uncle hold her. She’s going through an “All Mama, All the Time” phase, so a weekend with her grandparents and aunts and uncles in town should be all smiles for her. Or not. She did much better with everyone after she had a little nap and time to adjust her attitude, so here’s hoping a good night’s sleep cures her of what ails her.

And on that note, I’m off to get my own good night’s sleep. Until 12:30am, when my little sidekick will decide she needs me. It’s tough being a Mama’s girl.

Busy Little Bees

The HuYoung sweat shop is officially open. My mom and sister are visiting, and when they aren’t spoiling the baby beyond all recognition, we’re sewing.

And cutting.

And pinning.

And sewing.

We had to recruit my sister-in-law Kayla to help too.

Lots of new stuff coming soon to the Etsy world!

Me & My Doll

Now that it’s Wednesday I’ve finally got some As You Stitch updates for you. It’s always my goal to have them for you on Monday, but whatever. Goals, schmoals.

So without further ado I give you…. Pillowcase Dresses!

me and my doll pillowcase dress

me and my doll pillowcase dress

I’m just loving the embellishments on these.

And peep out this brown and white damask print.

me and my doll pillowcase dress

brown and white me and my doll pillowcase dress

So sweet. You can find the listings for these dresses here (damask) and here (black and white floral).

But wait! There’s more. Last week I promised you a brown flapper hat. So here you are. You’ve been waiting so patiently.

me and my doll crocheted flapper hat

Finally, I know I showed you some twirl skirts last week, but I just can’t resist. All props to my mom on this one….each one of these skirts is cuter than the last!

“Me and My Doll Matching Double Layer Twirl Skirt” Size 8

me and my doll twirl skirt

Me and My Doll Matching Embellished Twirl Skirts. Size 7

me and my doll pink twirl skirt

Me and My Doll Matching Double Layer Twirl Skirts. Size 12

me and my doll twirl skirt


Don’t these just make you want to dance?

Monday Madness

Yesterday was a crazy day of early service church, brunch at my brother’s, and painting the kitchen, dining room, and hallway. I didn’t mean to get it all done in one day, but when my sister in law showed up in her painting clothes at 4pm (dragging my brother with her) we decided to keep going until it was done. Amelia wasn’t a huge fan of watching four adults paint while no one played with her, but we all survived. I’ll try to take some pictures if the rain/flash floods/tornadoes ever go away.

I do have pictures of some new items in the shop though!

crocheted hat w/ flower

matching me and my doll flapper hats

matching me and my doll flapper hats

These 100% cotton crocheted hats are perfect for this Spring weather we’re having. They add just the right amount of warmth without being too hot! They’ll also be available in brown with a teal flower as soon as we can get some pics. I made one of these hats for Amelia and I kid you not, we get compliments on it every time she wears it. I think I might start carrying business cards in my back pocket even when I’m just going to the grocery….

We also have a bunch of new summer jammies going up this week! Here’s a sneak peak

me and my doll pjs

red heart pjs

And new twirl skirts

me and my doll twirl skirt

More to come!

me and my doll twirl skirts

Monday Madness

Today’s Monday Madness began at the lovely hour of 5 am. Ahhhh. Nothing says Happy Monday! like a pee soaked baby, crib sheets, and mattress pad. Diaper fail. Although to be fair, it was more of a Mama fail. Amelia woke up for an extra feeding last night, and not only did I neglect to change her diaper, I didn’t even realize that the extra feeding + already wet diaper was going to equal disaster. Rookie mistake right there.

Drinking coffee; moving on…

We have some great new Spring items in the shop again this week! I can’t believe that it’s almost Spring already, but I guess that little groundhog knew what he was talking about.

We are hard at work on a new product for this year…Twirl Skirts! I’ve yet to meet a little girl that doesn’t love to twirl.  And if her skirt will twirl with her, even better!

girl's twirl skirt

girls dancing

girl and doll skirts

These drop waist skirts consists of two layers of fabric, making for extra twirling fun! They look just as adorable with leggings as they do without, making them perfect for both Spring and Summer.

two layers of twirl skirt

american girl skirt

Look for more styles and fabrics to be added to the shop throughout the week. Happy Monday!

News for Tuesday

And that’s my sad attempt at a rhyme. It’s been one of those days. Complete with a fussing baby, screaming baby, and a tired baby. All the same baby. But tomorrow is a new day, right? Please say yes. Because if it isn’t, I’m going to write this blog post, take a bath, and go straight to bed before 8pm. Who am I kidding? I’m going to do that anyway.

But first I’m going to show you some new jammies available in the shop! Bedtime is the perfect time to talk about jammies. These pj’s are the beginning of our Spring collection. They’re made out of soft, lightweight cotton instead of flannel. Is it warm where you are? It’s in the 60’s here this week, so I was inspired to get these spring pajama pant sets listed.

Slumber party, anyone?

Check them out at As You Stitch!