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Embrace the Camera. Edition: 6 months

We almost missed Embrace the Camera today, but we made it. It’s still Thursday for a few more hours.

Right? I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday. Oh well, let’s just go with it.

Aww, what a cute little family. Only 1 week before she’s 7 months old, I’m getting around to posting Amelia’s 6 month photos. You’re welcome. Special thanks to Clore Photography for the photos!

Embrace the Camera over at the Anderson’s today

Amelia Jane – 6 Months

Here ya go, folks. For your viewing pleasure. Lil ‘Melia is a whopping 6 months old.

6 month old baby

6 month old baby

baby loves to spit

baby spits

happy baby spits

At 6 months old, Amelia rolls over in both directions, weighs 17(ish) pounds, sits unassisted, falls over unassisted, scoots forward on her belly, gets herself stuck in the corner of her crib, spins on her belly, plays peekaboo, puts every.blessed.thing. in her mouth, sucks on her toes, mimics chewing motions, reaches for mama and daddy, loves to go shopping, spends hours outside each day, licks the hard wood floors, loves other little kids, takes 45 minute naps, loves her early bedtime, won’t take a bottle anymore, blows raspberries constantly, sneezes like daddy, squeals when she doesn’t get her way, loves to wear only a diaper, uses her fingernails to “scritch” everything in her reach, tries to sing along with us, tolerates short car rides, loves the stroller, and most of all, loves her mama.

We’re pretty much inseparable. Can’t say I mind it.


Monday Madness

Well here we are again, another Monday, another busy weekend, another baby turning 6 months old today.

Uh, what?

Yeah, you heard me. 6 months! Impossible.

But we had her 6 month photos done yesterday, so it must be true. The photos don’t lie. I hope.

This weekend in addition to my full time job of baby mama-ing, I’ve been working on As You Stitch{Baby}, and getting the house ready for our yearly visit from the Jones family!  Have you ever had friends that moved away, but a year later, when you went to visit them, you picked up right where you left off? And then the next year, when they came back to visit you, you picked right up again (only with one more child in tow)? Now this year, it’s our turn to add a baby to the mix and we can’t wait to introduce Amelia to the Jones fam! It’s hard to believe that when we first met them, their little Sam was the only baby in our group. Now he’s turning 5 (!) and has a little brother and Amelia to keep him company while the adults catch up on a whole year’s worth of life.  We can’t wait.

And because Amelia can’t wait any longer for me to get her out of her crib, her 6 month old “stats” post will have to wait. That’s life, folks…something is always waiting.