3 weeks. Could you do it?


The danger of frequenting two different libraries is that you will forget how many books you checked out at the other library.

Dear Library: I know check out periods have been extended from 2 weeks to 3, but if you could just let me keep these books until I finish reading them (whenever that may be) I would be forever grateful. Signed, Overzealous in TN.



The Zombie Apocalypse

“This will come in handy for the zombie apocalypse.”

“Jack, if you whine like that the zombies will get you first.”

“Get the matches from the zombie preparedness basket.”

We have a slight obsession with zombies these days. Dave jokingly predicts the zombie apocalypse multiple times a day. Apparently, anything can trigger it – being too hungry, not getting a turn to play guitar hero, and especially being denied the chance to watch Ghost Hunters.

We’re working on our zombie preparedness skills.  Our zombie preparedness basket (the junk basket) has matches, candles, screwdrivers, tape, and most importantly, take out menus. Our water filter (that can even clean pond water) will come in very handy during the zombie apocalypse. So will my sweet onion chopping, aka knife skills.  We’ve even got some real weapons that will be useful; and Dave learned some sweet fighting skills at a krav maga class.  We are ready.  Bring on the zombies.

Wednesday is the new Saturday

Dave and I both have Wednesday’s off right now.  He has to work some weekends, so that means he gets some midweek time off.  I love it. Wednesday is a great Saturday – no crowds! It’s perfect for running errands, going to a movie, or going to the gym (not that I would know). We do still try to get a few things done.  Here’s Dave fixing our new wireless router.


We now have our very own internet at our very own house! So grown up of us.

We also bought this today:

IMG_5695We needed a new time waster, and we found this for a pretty good price on craigslist.  Up to four people can play, so come on over and play those drums!


Independence and Stupidity

41BP9J11SYL._SL500_AA240_I Can Do It Myself

Raise your hand if you read Golden Books as a child.

That’s what I thought.

My mom used to read me this book all the time. It fosters independence you know. “I can tie my shoes, I can do it myself.”

Sometimes, though, it’s good to do things not by yourself. With others, if you will. Sesame Street may have misled us just a little bit with this one.

Take, for instance, the time I decided to move thisIMG_5663 full size couch from the sunroom to Dave’s drum room. While he was at work. Through the dining room, down the hall, and around a sharp turn into the bedroom. I had to tip that bad boy up on its end and edge it through the doorway. I could have been crushed at any second. I started regretting the whole idea right about when the couch got jammed in the doorway. But there was no way I would quit and let Dave find me barricaded by the couch in his drum room. I can do it myself!

Here’s a Golden Book I would like to see: I Can Let Others Help Me. It’s just as important to learn to accept help as it is to do things on your own. Don’t believe me? Ask my back.

Cowboy boots+Chili=Fall

These are the boots that Dave gave me for my birthday.


Aint they purdy?


Check out the creepy shadow.  It’s a monster.


Thanks to the cooler weather, I can finally wear these puppies.  Ever try wearing cowboy boots in the summer? It’s not fun. In fact, it’s the opposite of fun.  But Fall!  Fall is the perfect time for cowboy boots.  Jeans.  Scarves. Chili!


And let’s not forget cornbread! Cornbread hates to be forgotten.


In other unrelated news, Jack loves fall too.  He says it’s perfect sleepin weather.