Crab grass is my adversary

So my aunt posted some pictures of her gorgeous yard last night on Facebook. And it made me jealous. And slightly mad.

I have a love/hate relationship with yard work. I love it in the Spring, when the weather has just begun to turn, and the sun warms your skin, and the breeze cools your neck. But I hate it later in the Spring, and all Summer and into Fall, when the sun scorches your skin, the humidity sucks the life out of your soul (or at least whatever life was leftover after the bugs have finished with you), and the breeze is non-existent.

This year my plan of attack was mulch. Mulch like it’s going out of style. So far it hasn’t worked. Neither has not pulling weeds. Does anyone have a better plan? Because my flower beds are beginning to look like this.

crab grass grows through mulch

Darn you, crab grass!

Meanwhile, my aunt’s yard is looking like this

Do you see what I’m dealing with here?

My yard’s one short-lived redeeming quality is my wisteria plant (wisteria bush? tree?). It looks pretty for about a month, then it goes about it’s evil purpose of tearing down the deck. Seriously. I trimmed the thing down almost to nothing (and got poison ivy in the process) last year, and this year it’s back – and bigger and better than ever.

One day we’re going to go outside and fall out the back door because the deck has been demolished by the evil, deck-eating wisteria plant. Oh well. Our deck needs some work anyway. Take that, wisteria! I don’t even care if you eat the deck. But I sure would appreciate it if you would eat the crab grass instead. Then maybe my yard could look like this

Yeah, I like that plan.


Oh, the weather outside is beautiful

Of course, the last few days were nasty, but yesterday…oh man. You couldn’t ask for better weather. 70, breezy, abundant sunshine. Just what we needed after those ridiculous storms that hit the South on Wednesday.

So we spent some time outside working on some new Etsy items.

We modeled new flapper hats

And picnic blankets

etsy picnic blanket

And more hats

etsy flapper hat

And more picnic blankets esty picnic blanket

new label on blanket
Check it out – the picnic blankets are waterproof! Vinyl on the back, cotton on the front. It’s genius! Check them out in the baby shop!

Embrace the Camera. Edition: 6 months

We almost missed Embrace the Camera today, but we made it. It’s still Thursday for a few more hours.

Right? I’m pretty sure it’s Thursday. Oh well, let’s just go with it.

Aww, what a cute little family. Only 1 week before she’s 7 months old, I’m getting around to posting Amelia’s 6 month photos. You’re welcome. Special thanks to Clore Photography for the photos!

Embrace the Camera over at the Anderson’s today

So much time, so little to do

Strike that, reverse it.

No shortage of things to do around here. Fabric to shop for, baby wipes to cut out, wash cloths to crochet, TV to watch.

reusable flannel wipes

It seems like most of the world (or least regular programming) stops for the Royal Wedding, but not mine.

My world just keeps on spinning. I can’t stop just because some prince somewhere is getting married. Heck, I can’t even watch it on TV without my husband complaining about it being UN-AMERICAN.

So it looks like he won’t be watching any more foreign kung fu movies. I know, my logic is powerful. If I can’t watch old re-runs of Charles’ and Diana’s wedding, he can’t watch Ong Bak 3. I don’t know if that’s even a kung fu movie, but it has lots of fighting and it isn’t in English, so he’s not watching it.

We are watching the new show “The Voice” though. Like literally watching it right now. Not as you’re reading this, tomorrow morning when it’s posted, but tonight as I’m writing it. One of our friends is supposed to be on this show, but if he doesn’t make an appearance soon, I’m going to bed. Of course the one person I want to see is being saved for last. If this turns out to be a 2 hour premiere, Mama ain’t gonna be happy.

Don’t be cutting into my sleep time, NBC. It’s limited enough as it is.

And on that note…good night.

Auntie Em

Amelia loves her Auntie Emma. Thanks to a fortuitous turn of events, Grammy, Auntie Emma, and Uncle Nate have landed here in Nashville. If you thought the child was spoiled before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The weather was beautiful here today, so we spent some time outside on the picnic blanket. baby plays outside

Everything is all fun and games…

…until it’s not.

picnic blanket

Monday Madness

I’m thirsty.

Too much ham will do that to you, I guess. And ham gravy. And mashed potatoes.

Check this bad boy out.

Mmmmmm, come to Mama.

Amelia got a special treat for Easter, too. A whole carrot!

“Are yall sure I should eats dis?”

But just the carrot wasn’t enough. She wanted the camera too. “I’ll eat the carrot if you gives me the camera.”

Silly baby. She did enjoy that carrot, though. But even without teeth she managed to break off tiny bits that her mama was afraid she would choke on. It’s so dangerous being a baby.

But we made it through the weekend in one piece. Overeating and all.

Happy Easter!