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Help…..I’m slipping…..

6 Months

It’s that time again! Little Molly Mei Mei is 6 months old.  Theses first two pictures were taken within seconds of each other. One minute she’s here….

And the next minute she’s gone….

Look at that gummy smile. The droolin’est baby you ever did see.

And now for a fake laugh. Ha ha ha. Oh you guys, you’re too funny. Ha ha ha.

Molly’s big new skill for 6 months is sitting up. Amelia and I love it. The girls can now sit together in shopping carts, empty cardboard boxes, in cribs, and on beds. Amelia can’t quite be trusted to make sure she doesn’t topple over on the wood floor yet though. But she does her best.

After Molly’s little photo shoot Amelia decided she needed to do a little modeling too. Enjoy.

Amelia. 20 months

Last week Amelia turned 20 months old. Some nerve she has.

Some great things about Amelia at 20 months old:

*Potty training. Can I get a what what?! Um, yeah. Either I’m a potty training genius or Amelia is. Either way, we are loving it. It’s only been a week, so I fully expect her to back slide now that I’ve declared to the inter webs that she’s potty trained. I can’t even HANDLE how cute she is in her little big girl undies.

*Talking. Amelia had been stuck on one syllable sounds for some time. I was about to lose my mind trying to figure out if “Bah” meant ball, book, balloon, bath, baby, etc. Thank the good little talking fairies, because we are now hearing words like “Potty,” “Baby,” “Juice,” “All done,” and “Help, please.” She still holds complete conversations in babble gibberish, which I hope never ends. She might not want to do it public once she is like 30. But she can always just live here forever and then it will be totally fine, right?

*Helping. Helping is like baby crack for Amelia. She’s not happy unless she is all up in your grill “helping” you with whatever you’re doing. The scary thing is…she is actually starting to be helpful! She helps me unload the dishwasher every morning by handing me each item, one at a time. Takes a tiny bit longer than doing it by myself, but I don’t have to bend over at all….so totally worth it. She loves to help with laundry, sweeping, finding Molly’s paci, giving Molly her paci, putting everyone’s shoes away, etc. Basically, if you say, “I need your help with this,” she is fired up and ready to assist. Need someone to crawl under a crib and get a paci? Amelia’s your girl. Need a laundry basket pushed over to the washer? Easy peasy. Amelia’s been doing that since before she could walk. Need a fan turned on? That’s Amelia’s new specialty. I think I’ll start hiring her out to the neighbors soon. Oh relax, I kid.

*Molly. The only thing Amelia could possibly love more than helping is playing with her sister. Molly is the first person she asks for as soon as she wakes up and the last person she kisses goodnight. I’d be jealous if it weren’t so darn adorable.

Baby Shenanigans

Mama, are you watching? Here I go….

Pretty cool, huh?

Molly. 5 Months

Ok, ok, I maybe should have introduced you to this little turtle about 5 months ago. My bad. So SURPRISE! We had another baby. She’s pretty great. And she’s 5 months old now.

Some fun facts about Molly at 5 months old:

*She makes the above surprised face ALL THE TIME. And then breaks into a huge smile. When we go to get her out of her crib she does surprise face, HUGE smile, squeal and kick. Every time.

*She can squeal as high as Amelia and growl as low as Daddy. Sister got some range.

*She rolls all over the place and scoots around her crib. She hasn’t figured out how to scoot around the house yet, thankfully.

*She’s always working on her abs. She doesn’t like to be reclined so she does little baby crunches to get more upright or to tip herself onto her stomach.

*She’s happy most of the time. She’ll play in the jump up for 20 minutes, then play on the floor for a while, then play in the pac n play with Amelia. Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t hold her as much as I held Amelia, but she is just so darn happy all the time that it really isn’t necessary.

*She loves, Loves, LOVES her big sister, and it’s pretty mutual. I love watching those two girls together.

*She is a super fast eater and would rather look around and play than eat.

*She’s so playful that she’ll even wake up to play in the middle of the night. We’re working on it.

If anyone would like to sign up for midnight play shifts we’re taking applicants. Must love to play Peekaboo, Where’s My Paci, So Big, and 5 Green and Speckled Frogs.


A little garden work with my best big girl


Deal of the Day

$5. ‘Nuff said.


Road trip



These two little tinies were so excited about bedtime in the car.  Too bad they forgot that bedtime= sleeptime. They did eventually sleep (never at the same time) and we did eventually make it with our sanity mostly intact. First summer road trip….complete

Ice Ice baby

Oooh, Amelia, can I have some ice?


No, you can’t has no ice! This is Sonic ice. You know hows good it is.


Besides, it will give you bwain fweeze.


Ok, fine, you can has some.


What nummy eyes you have

Ah, cousins.

While they might not be quite old enough to play together yet, they’re still young enough for us to make them lay on the bed together for photo shoots. And Amelia is definitely old enough to think that she should eat Nathan.

Mmm, Nathan, your eyes wook so nummy.

And your hand wooks so nummy….

And your feets wook SO nummy!

Oh sweet cousin, eben your shirt is nummy….


Just c’mere and wets me eats you…and eberyfing will be fine.