A Baby and her Blankets

I was scrolling through iPhoto today, and I noticed that Amelia has a lot of homemade blankets. I mean, I know she has a lot of blankets, but I loved seeing them in photos.

Elephant Blanket: Made by Grammy. She sleeps with this blanket everyday. It’s satin on the back. Like most babies, she loves to chew on the satin.

Hexagon Afghan. Made by Mama. We used this blanket more in the winter. It is HEAVY.

Little Birdie Crib Quilt. Made by Grammy.  This little blanket lived in the bassinet for a while, and now it lives on the back of the rocking chair in the nursery.

Circles and squares quilt. Again, made by Grammy. This is our playtime quilt. She loves to roll around on it and look at the different fabrics and patterns. Check out a non-slobbered on version for sale in our Etsy shop!

I can think of 4 more homemade blankets that I haven’t shown you. It takes a long time to upload photos here on the blog. The girl has too many blankets. I guess it’s a good problem to have.

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