A new house guest

And it’s not a puppy. Thank you, Lord.

It’s a sister-in-law! Dave’s sister is moving to the area, and while she looks for a place to live, she is staying with us. We’re excited to have her around for a bit. Also, I don’t know if this has occurred to any of you, but HELLO, FREE BABYSITTING. Am I right, or am I right?

Amelia warmed right up to her yesterday afternoon. Not enough to let me put her down and help Cari unload the car, but enough to let me hold her and watch Cari move everything in by herself. Sorry about that, Cari. But Amelia enjoyed that game of “Where did Auntie Cari go?” over and over. We both also enjoyed the AC inside the house while Cari enjoyed the heat outside.

Amelia was also eager to show Auntie Cari her sweet gagging skills at dinner last night. The girl can fake choke like it’s her job. Watery eyes and everything. She doesn’t care that the offending food is still just on her lip. To her, it’s choking her. Save me, Daddy!

Oh the drama. She knows that Mama and Daddy’s life is pretty boring these days, so she feels the need to liven things up a bit. By gagging. Nice work, baby. Nice.

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