Kinda Sorta Crunchy

We’ve got a little bit of a split personality thing going on over here. We live smack in the middle of Middle Class Suburbia, but in our hearts, we’re out in the country – raising some of our own food, kids running around barefoot, diapers on the clothesline. For now, though, our life is a cross between “You’re one of those weird all-natural hippie types” and “You’re just like the rest of middle class America.”  Take a look.

What makes us crunchy:

  • We prefer Raw Milk if we can get it
  • We don’t vaccinate (so far)
  • We buy our meat  and eggs from a local farmer
  • I make most of our bread products
  • I make our laundry soap
  • I make our cleaning products
  • We cloth diaper the baby
  • We rarely take “medicine” or go to the doctor
  • We use herbs or homeopathic remedies when sick
  • I had an all natural, drug free birth with Amelia
  • We have a garden
  • We plan to homeschool

On the other, more mainstream hand:

  • We own a home in the suburbs
  • We drive 2 nice cars
  • Dave works for a major corporation
  • We have a huge flat screen tv
  • We watch too much TV
  • We have phones, iPods, computers, you name it. The internet at our fingertips
  • We keep our money in the bank
  • We waste too much electricity
  • We eat too many fajitas from our local Mexican restaurant

Do you catch my drift here? Are you picking up what I’m laying down? Maybe we’re normal…a little of this, a little of that. Maybe we’re a little off. Maybe we’re mixed. Well yeah. One Asian, one whitey, and one halfling….precariously balanced on the line of “normalcy.”

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