Sometimes I feel like a good mother

Other times I don’t.

Last week Dave and I put Amelia down for a nap and then went outside to do yard work. I came in and checked on her once – she was sound asleep. I know that she ALWAYS naps for either 45 minutes or 90 minutes, so around 45 minutes after her nap began, I came inside to check on her again. She was SCREAMING in her crib. Obviously she’d been awake in there for some time. I felt terrible. Especially since I had to wash all the dirt and potential poison ivy off of my hands and arms before I could go pick her up. FAIL.

Today I let Amelia sit straight up in the stroller instead of semi-reclined. The girl hates to be reclined. Always has. She was so happy sitting upright in the stroller and looking around. Even though she’s not quite sitting up on her own yet, the shoulder straps held her in. But they didn’t keep her forehead from slamming forward into the tray when the stroller hit a bump. FAIL.

This evening as I was getting Amelia ready for bed I realized that she had no clean pajamas. Well, she had one clear pair of super fluffy warm pajamas, but it was 75 degrees out and 78 degrees in our stuffy house. So I had to put her to bed in her onesie. Tiny FAIL.

Tonight we had a bonfire in the backyard with some friends. Amelia had gone to bed before anyone even got here (that’s what a 5 minute afternoon nap will do to you). We all took turns coming in to check on her at least every 15 minutes or so. She was fine. Until I realized that the front door and garage door were wide open. Garage light on. We were all clearly in the backyard having ourselves a big ol’ time while our house was wide open. Free baby anyone? DOUBLE FAIL.

Man, sometimes this parenting stuff is hard. There’s so much to keep track of. Can my baby keep her head from slamming in to the stroller tray? Is she asleep? Does she have clean clothes? Is she safe? Has she crawled into the corner of her crib to try to suffocate herself with the bumper pad while she sleeps?

For such a tiny little thing that baby sure can cause her Mama some grief….

    • Karen
    • March 22nd, 2011

    We can all see that you are a great mom. Your blog has almost become my daily devotional. You are really a great writer too. Keep it up.

    • esther
    • March 22nd, 2011

    a Baby monitor would help if you are outside or in another room. but we all do our best for our kids, you are a great mom!

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