Happy Baby

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just lay in a crib with some blankets and stuffed animals and chew on a horse’s hoof? No? Hmmm, maybe that’s just me.

A few things of note about these photos:

  • The child loves her some bright colors and bold patterns. Exhibit A. All of the above photos.
  • Pink Taggie. Pink Taggie is a current favorite around these here parts. Not to be confused with Yellow Taggie, which, as you may have guessed, is almost identical to Pink Taggie except in color. But if Elton John sang to Yellow Taggie “Can you feel the love tonight?” Yellow Taggie’s answer would be a clear and resounding “No.” Pink Taggie for life!
  • Phyllis. The horse’s name is Phyllis. Now, I have a great Aunt Phyllis, and I’d like to assure you, Aunt Phyllis, if you’re reading this, we didn’t name the stuffed horse after you. Unless you think that’s cool, in which case we totally did. I don’t even know how the horse became Phyllis…one day she just was. Also, I thought this horse was a giraffe for about 2 months. Sorry Phyllis, I see it now. You’re definitely a horse. And definitely a favorite.
  • The baby sweatsuit. I would trade Amelia one of my outfits for this outfit if I could. The hot pink pants are ridiculously soft, the white zip up hoodie has ruffles on the pockets, and did you notice the Beatles onesie? Abbey Road. I would wear that shirt. If it weren’t a onesie. I’m not sure I’d be comfortable in that. But Amelia is ROCKIN’ it.
  • The eyes. I love them. They speak to me. They say, “Mama, hold me.” “Mama, I want milk.” “Mama, I want Phyllis and Pink Taggie.” And “Mama, I love you.”

Love you too, kiddo. More than you know.


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