Come back, summer

I need to go back here.

beach and sand

I miss you, sun. I miss you, warm. It was so cold and windy here yesterday. Damp. Blustery.

Let’s not focus on that. Look, the beach! Look, an old preggo shot!

beach babies

Aw, two little beach babies were still cooking away in their nice toasty ovens. I think Sarah and I were 25ish weeks pregnant here. Dang, we look good. And the boys look pretty nice too, I guess.

But Amelia and I weren’t dressed for the beach yesterday. No sir. We was bundled.

baby all bundled up in stroller

Cranky babies don’t care if it’s cold outside. Cranky babies just want to go outside and wait for their daddy to come home, darn it! Amelia was super happy and good all morning, so she made up for it this afternoon by being super cranky and tired. So outside we went. In a hat made by Mama, and a poncho and blanket made by Grammy. She was warm. I was cold. But we were both happy. Daddy eventually came home, and Amelia eventually went to bed.

The end.


But I’m still dreaming of that beach…..


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