Bite me, Turbo Tax

That’s right, you heard me. You and your “Free” online version. Free until the very end where you mention that “Oh yeah, that’ll be $29.95. If you want it to be free you need to create a new account and start over from the beginning.”

You got me this time, Turbo Tax. But next year I’ll be ready for you. Next year I’m not going to spend 15 minutes trying to remember the user name and password because GUESS WHAT. I’m making a new one. So there.

Well I feel a little better now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. But seriously, am I the only one that got suckered that way? There was no way I was starting over again when I spent the last precious 4 of Amelia’s naps working on taxes. Oh, and here’s another one. It costs an additional $29.95 if you want to pay your turbo tax bill out of your federal refund. Only they don’t tell you that upfront either. Thankfully it only required a few clicks of the back button to remedy that extra charge. So the “free” turbo tax can end up costing you $60 if you’re not careful. Or $30 if you are careful but lazy (or time challenged).

How do you file taxes? Pen and paper, the old fashioned way? Do you go to the library to pick up blank tax forms? Do you have someone help you? Or do you use the online tax prep software? What’s your poison?

    • Rebekah
    • March 8th, 2011

    Because of Ben’s freelance work, we pay someone. Way to confusing to figure out on your own. And apparently requires lots of documentation about how many miles you put on your car and per diem rates for every city you visited, etc, etc.

  1. grrrrr. this makes me mad for you.
    i hate how companies are SO SHADY. why does it have to be that way?

    i tell ya how i do my taxes. mr. anderson does them. LOL.

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