Monday Madness

Because I may not get around to posting the etsy shop updates today, here are a few randomly selected stories for you. Enjoy.

Things that make you go “Huh?”

The other night at the grocery store 2 families and their carts were blocking the aisle that I was trying to leave. They paused their conversation to move aside and let me go in between them. I politely said “Excuse me” as I passed, and in return one of the men said “Well, look at her, she’s got a cart!” Ummm…yep, so do you, mister. So does everyone else in here.

Last Thursday, while driving to my brother in law’s house, we were rear-ended at a stop light. It was just a little nudge, and it left just a little damage to our bumper. While our car is in the shop getting all that sorted out, we’ve got a rental car. Dave was pretty stoked about the giant trunk. Hide n’ Seek, anyone?

man in trunk of chevy malibu


On Friday, Amelia and I stayed home all day because we didn’t have the rental car yet. On Saturday, we went to church with Dave and came home to find out that we had no water. Turn on the faucet and…drip. drip. nothing.  It came back on after a little while, but our neighbors across the street said that their water never went out. Weird. It’s our lucky week I guess. Or maybe I’m just not supposed to leave the house. We’ll see how long that lasts….

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