A few things of little to no importance

There was a tornado warning last night. When the sirens went off we got out of bed to check on the baby (no, the tornado hadn’t gotten her) then stayed up to watch the storm on tv. We passed the time by eating large bowls of granola, making stupid comments on facebook, and playing words with friends against each other on our ipods. While we were in the same room together. And we may or may not have used words like “bully” and “bugger.” It was 10:30pm, folks. Way past our bedtimes.

I don’t know why I’m so tired this morning. The credit card company changed the format of our bill, and while it is much easier to read, I was so used to squinting at the old one that it’s going to take me an extra 5 minutes to figure this newfangled one out. I resist change. And now I feel the need to assure you that we pay off our credit card each month. We don’t want Dave Ramsey coming after us.

Speaking of bills, the gas company sent us our regular bill this month. Two days later they sent a letter saying “There was an error in your bill. If you have already paid your bill, no action is required – you’ll be issued a credit on your next bill. If you haven’t already paid your bill, no action is required – a corrected bill will be sent to you in a few days.” Two days later they sent us our corrected bill. So what was the point of the letter if no action was required? Couldn’t they have just issued a credit to the 6 people who had already paid their bill and let the rest of us carry on in ignorance? Guess they’re trying to keep the USPS in business.

Now I guess it’s time for me to actually pay those bills instead of talking about them. And on that happy note I’ll leave you. Have a good weekend!

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