Monday Madness

Saturday was a day of random. I stayed home all day with the baby, which is normal, but for some reason I didn’t feel normal. I blame the weather.

I left a load of laundry in the dryer instead of bringing it to our room to fold. I just grabbed what I needed when I needed it (a towel, Amelia’s favorite stuffed animal…) I even left the door to the laundry area open all day. And maybe even the door of the dryer.

I left the dishes undone until 3pm. Empty pizza box on the counter. Oatmeal spilled on the stove. Mess.

I puttied the holes in the coat closet’s walls and left the putty knife and globs of putty in the sink. With all the dirty dishes. Jar of putty by the coffee pot.

I mopped the living room floor but only the areas that got snow and mud tracked in the day before.

I half decorated the mantel. It had been looking lame since Christmas came down. But now it’s only half lame.

I ate lunch at 12 and again at 2:30.

I walked around all day with a cloth napkin hanging out of my pocket like a bandana. It came in handy a lot.

I got peed on and pooped on but one of those times I didn’t change my clothes. It dried.

It was a weird day. Very spontaneous. Very messy. I liked it. But I wouldn’t like it every day.

Now it’s Monday. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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