Oh no she didn’t!

Trying something new. A few new somethings actually.

She seemed to like it. I think she will like it when she’s a little bigger. Notice the blankets tucked in there with her. Two of them.  She’s still just a little peanut.

It’s all fun and games until someone accidentally spins themselves around and the suns gets in their eyes. I always hate when that happens. Mean ol’ mr. sun.

After I rescued Amelia from the big scary Johnny Jump Up/sun glare, it was time for a diaper and outfit change, story time and nap. But just before nap, lil Miss Tiny decided to show Mama that just because the Johnny Jump Up almost swallowed her alive, it didn’t mean she was still a baby. Nope.

“Cuz look, Mama! Can babies roll over like……this?!”

I had just laid her down on her stomach (like always) and she pushed herself waaaay up on her arms to look around (which is a new trick this week). I swear it’s like a Pilates move. She can arch her back and get most of her upper body up off the mattress. Only this time she took it one step farther. Push up, look to the left, lean to the riiiiiiigt…..and roll.

“Hi Mama!” She gave me a big smile and raised her eyebrows at me as if to say “Pretty sweet, right? This means I get to stay up, huh. Oh yeah.”

Fat chance, kid. I scooped her up, gave her a big hug and a kiss, and laid her back down on her stomach. Glad you reached that milestone, kiddo, but you still gotta nap. Mama said.

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