Monday Madness

Phew, I have like a bazillion things on my to do list today, so here I am at the computer. For some reason, the weekend always gets the better of me. Dave works on Saturdays but has Sundays off, so I try to spend as much of Sunday as possible hanging out with him and the munchkin. And going to church. And small group. And washing diapers. So by the time Monday comes around it’s time to recover from Sunday and get the dishes out of the sink and the laundry out of the dryer.

Monday also means it’s time to update the shop! Mom is working on tons of new jammies and aprons, and after this batch, it’s almost time for spring and summer pj’s! Here’s a look at some of our flannel pajama pant sets (perfect for today with the snow and cold front moving in tonight!) and Valentines-y aprons.

Me & My Doll “Valentines” pajama pant set. Size 7

Me & My Doll “Elephants” pajama pant set. Size 5

Me & My Doll “Love” ruffle apron set. Size Medium

chocolate hearts

Me & My Doll “Chocolate Hearts” ruffle apron set. Size Medium.

Don’t forget to check out the shop for more!

etsy collage

And I’m off to start dinner. It’s veggie soup and homemade bread day here. Let the nasty weather begin!

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