Essential New Mama Skills

Did you know there is a skill involved in eating reheated, cold leftovers with one hand? Yes, the leftovers were reheated, and yes, they are cold again. Because the baby needed a diaper change or an outfit change or an attitude change…so now you get to eat cold leftovers with one hand. Because your other hand is busy holding the baby. The cold-reheated-leftovers-with-one-hand skill is not for the faint of heart.

Another skill I’ve mastered is performing-ordinary-tasks-at-extraordinary-speeds. You would too if your baby only slept 45 minutes at a time. Ever try to get dressed, eat breakfast, clean it up, sweep the floors, mop the floors, and write a blog post in 45 minutes? You learn to move fast unless you want to get so far behind in your day that you’re eating dinner the next morning.

Or how about this one? I call it putting-on-your-clothes-one-hour-at-a-time. This morning I had started to get dressed when the baby woke up. I had only gotten as far as putting a cute top on. So I did what any self respecting mama would do: stayed in my cute top, left my pajama pants on, and crawled back into bed to nurse the baby. So comfy. I love my bed. I didn’t remember to put real pants on till 11am. No wonder I was so comfortable all morning.

The Best of My Day, January 17: Accidental pajama morning

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