Scrapbook paper for non-scrappers

Hello, my name is Ali, and I’m addicted to scrapbook paper.

And not for the purpose it was intended.

I love the paper, I even love the little scrapbooking supplies, but I don’t love scrapbooking. Nope. Never could get into it.

So I have to get creative to find reasons to indulge my paper passion. Because, folks, I LOVE me some scrapbook paper.

Remember the elephant art?

scrapbook paper canvas art

That was such a fun “getting ready for baby” project. AND I got to buy like 12 new pieces of paper.

I wish I could decorate Amelia’s whole room in scrapbook paper. Here’s my latest addition to her paper collection

It wasn’t finished in this picture, but you get the idea. Lil Miss Amelia woke up before I could finish it. Now it’s finished, but still waiting to be hung in her room. Crafty projects are s-l-o-w around here these days. But I’m thankful for the little time that I do get to indulge in them.

Speaking of thankful, here’s my “The Best of My Days” for the last few days.

  • Jan 12 – Dinner and JoAnn’s with Sarah. So nice to get out of the house and laugh
  • Jan 13 – Forgot to write anything down. Can not remember one thing about that day. Oops.
  • Jan 14 – Early bedtime for Amelia, hot bath with a book for me.

So, how are your days?

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