Everything’s Going My Way

Amelia’s theme song today. Remember this song from Oklahoma?

Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful day

I’ve got a beautiful feeling

Everything’s going my way.

Well, good for you, sister. Because today everything you want is the opposite of my plans.

I wanted to finally take down all the Christmas decorations – but you wanted to wake up from your nap after 45 minutes.

I wanted to wear you in the Moby so that I could keep working on the decorations, but you wanted to lay on your changing table.

I wanted to eat lunch, but you wanted to eat lunch more.

I wanted to nurse you, but you kept falling asleep in my arms.

Ok, ok, I’ll sit here and rock you. For once today we agree.

Little baby asleep in my arms – everything’s going my way.


  1. This could have been written by me today. 🙂 Hope she does better for you tomorrow.

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