I just love convincing the insurance company that they should, indeed, cover the $271 doctor’s bill that I’ve been sent. Listen, people, I KNOW MY RIGHTS!

My doctor’s office and insurance company are cursing the day I learned about their  secret “codes.” But my insurance  paperwork says that routine prenatal care is covered at 100%, so gosh darn it, I expect 100% coverage. When I get a bill, I call that little number at the bottom, you know- the nearly invisible one that says “please call for questions or credit card payments” and keep calling it til I get to talk to someone who will re-code my claim as “routine prenatal.” Because when you’ve only had “routine prenatal” doctor’s appointments, and you have “100% routine prenatal coverage” you should not get be getting bills from the doctor.

Pretty amazing logic, right? Thankfully, the doctor’s office has always been able to re-code my erroneous bills, and the insurance company only denies them once or twice before I call (again!) and talk to a helpful representative. Phew.

In other news, Dave and I had a great day together  yesterday. Instead of anxiously waiting for our little pumpkin to make her debut, we’re trying to enjoy our last few days (or weeks) as just the two of us. So after church we went to Borders, then to our favorite hole in the wall Vietnamese restaurant, then to a park and the farmer’s market. The weather was beautiful. After a quick stop at home for a nap, we ran a few errands, did a little yard work, and closed out the day with a bonfire in the backyard. Hot dogs and s’mores included. This morning we decided that the only thing that could make yesterday better would be if the baby came today 🙂

Here are some pics (of me, because Dave is a camera hog) at the park and farmer’s market yesterday. I wish I hadn’t left my wallet in the car, because those $3 pumpkins were really calling to me.

39 weeks.

Two little punkins in my lap.  Awww….

    • Karen Grubb
    • September 27th, 2010

    Ali I hope you have an easy, quick, and joyful delivery. Hi Dave. Where is Dave H. at? I wish you all the best.

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