We had to take this guy to Grandma’s house while we did some traveling this summer. I know he’s having fun there, but I want him back.  I want him to look at me with those sad, sad eyes until I get him his dinner. I want him to lay his big heavy head on my lap until I agree to take him outside. I want him to drip water all over the kitchen floor after he gets a drink. Not.

After having him around for 3 years, it’s weird to not have our constant companion with us.  It’s weird not to have to go outside and untangle him from around the trees. Again.

It’s weird to take walks in the neighborhood by myself. Walking by yourself borders dangerously close to exercising and that’s something I try to avoid at all costs.

While we originally got Jack for Dave, he has undoubtedly become a mama’s boy. And why not? Who else will train you for a week not to sleep between the coffee table and the couch and then invite you in the next day to lay on her cold feet? Who else will take you for walks everyday and then lay in the shade with you to cool off? Who else will tell everyone else not to feed you under the table but then drop you choice tidbits from the pan on the stove?

Only 1 more month, Jack. Come home soon, please. Mama has some bacon for you.

    • mom
    • July 2nd, 2010

    i give you….. 3 days then you’ll say ” he’s so spoiled, take him back”. that’s the price you pay when you ask grandparents to watch your dog for 3 months. just wait and see how we can spoil kids!

    • Emma
    • July 3rd, 2010

    right now Jack is laying down by my feet whining.Sorry Ali I don’t know if I want to get up and let him out.And of course he’s under the table.As usual.Right Jakie?last night i was reading down stairs on the couch and he just was looking at me like can i get up there with you?So of course i give the seat next to me two little pats and then he doesn’t wait a moment he just gets right up there.see what mom means by saying we spoiled your dog you left with us for three months?

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