The Power of a Pregnancy Craving

…..otherwise entitled “The Power of Facebook.” I’m not sure which is more accurate. All I know is that it was powerful.

A few days ago, around dinner time, I posted this as my Facebook status:

I really want a donut. Really.

And this is what happened. 15 minutes later a friend from our small group had replied with this:

I have some fresh Krispy Kreme donuts that I would be happy to deliver! I just got them today for my sister, who is also preggo, because she was craving donuts. She didn’t want them in her sight after she ate one though so I got stuck with them. I’ve got glazed, chocolate cake or lemon cake. Take your pick. : )

Ummmm….seriously? Not to mention this friend lives only 5 houses away, so the donut delivery could be quite imminent.

I didn’t want to be too greedy though, so I told her Dave would run over after dinner and get some donuts. He wasn’t quite home from work yet, so I decided to watch the Glee finale while waiting for my dinner and donuts.

I recently learned how to hook the laptop up to the TV so that I can watch Hulu on the big screen. And let’s not forget that I also hooked up our home theater to the laptop so I could really get the full effect. It’s pretty miraculous really. Two little cords plugged in to the laptop and you’ve got yourself some fine sounding (and looking) Glee viewing capabilities.

So there I am, laying on the couch, when the doorbell rings. Right in the middle of the mash-up of Journey covers at Regionals. And SWEET MERCY was the music loud. I didn’t realize how loud it was til I jumped up to hit pause. Nothing like blaring a little “Any way you want it ” on a Wednesday night at dinner time.

And there at the door, holding a box of Krispy Kremes, was our small group leader. My friend had sent her husband over with the donuts. As I stood there thanking him for the donuts, I couldn’t help but wonder if he had heard the music. Could he hear that when he walked up? He had to, it was so loud. I wonder if they watch Glee. I wonder if I should try to explain why he could Journey from the driveway.

I never did say anything about the loud music. I just thanked him, brought the donuts inside, and promptly took a bite out of each of the 3 different varieties.

Heaven. Those donuts were delicious. But I’ll never be able to eat a Krispy Kreme again without thinking of Glee and Journey and friends who bring you donuts. I guess that’s not a bad thing.

    • Emma
    • June 14th, 2010

    You and I sometimes think alike sis,because sometimes I want a donut.Except mostly I want them at breakfast time when we don’t have any cereal.thankfully mom has been buying 4 box’s of cereal because there has been a coupon that says,”buy four box’s of kellogs cereal for 5dollars.”which mostly lasts about weeks sometimes less.

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