Teal or turquoise?

It all began with this pillow. My mom bought me this outdoor pillow a few years ago, and I loved it so much that it never went outside. As you can see, it lives on the couch.

Then there was this pillow on our bed. After we painted our bedroom grey, I decided that we needed curtains to match this pillow.

Ta da! Curtains. I’m really sorry about the horrible picture. Can someone please tell me how to take a picture of a window without it going all white like that? Thanks.

And then our master bathroom needed a little turquoise to brighten it up. Thanks, Target, for your $10 shower curtains.

The teal/turquoise phase didn’t end with household goods. I bought this fabric from JoAnn’s and had Mom make me a nursing cover. Then I wondered if I should just buy the whole bolt of fabric to have on hand just in case there was an unforeseen teal emergency.

A little beach cover up. This one wasn’t entirely my fault. There were only 2 colors left in my size – turquoise and salmon. It wasn’t really a hard choice.

My long coveted Moby Wrap. Great choice of fabric, don’t you think?

So I have 1 question for you: Would you call these colors teal or turquoise? I’m conflicted.

    • esther
    • June 9th, 2010

    I think the solid color fabrics look more teal to me, and the ones that have print, look more turquoisy! but at Sara’s shop, teal looks much darker than what you have pictured…don’t know if I answered your question 🙂

    • Emma
    • June 9th, 2010

    I can probably ask Dad how to take a pic by a window if you want me to.But then again there is always the problem of i might just might forget to ask because of my busy kid life.

  1. I’m going to go with ocean blue…is that an option? Or maybe turquoise. Teal sounds too much like that gawdy color from the 80’s. It’s funny though, I also have a rather unhealthy obsession with this color! I think it’s an inner desire to live at the beach, in which case I would decorate my whole house in this color and white, with little starfish and seashells everywhere. Someday…

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