It’s been a while

so without further ado, here are some updates.

1. Pregnancy

Love it. 22 weeks along. Our little spring roll is pretty active these days, and already keeping me up at night with his/her “bladder dancing.”

We now have conflicting opinions on the sex of baby. Our regular doctor did an ultrasound at 17 weeks and was “almost positive” that it was a boy. Then, at the high tech ultrasound at 19 weeks, the ultrasound tech was “99.9% positive” that it was a girl. Hmmm….and yes, we made them make sure there was only 1 baby in there. We tried 1 more ultrasound at the doctor’s office last week, but the doctor couldn’t get a good view. So, if you have a prediction, we’d love to hear it, because at this point we aren’t too trusting of those ultrasound machines. Looks like we’ll be finding out baby’s sex sometime in the fall!

2. Dave’s work pants

I finally sewed the button back on Dave’s good work pants. I know you were all waiting for that update. I’m not sure why I put it off for so long. If only it had need to be knit back on – I’m sure that wouldn’t have taken me 2 months.

3. Wood floors

We are getting wood floors! Ok, so it might end up being laminate, but whatever. Faux wood is more environmentally friendly, right? Carpet=Gross. We’ve been stockpiling some money for “house stuff” and finally decided to spend it on floors. The deck can wait til next year. I can’t have my baby crawling around on these dog hair infested carpets. No matter how much we vacuum, the dog hair is always there….ewww.

4. Food

I eat a lot of it. I blame it on the baby. And that guy on Man. vs Food. He always makes me feel like I should be eating more. If he can eat a 10 lb hamburger in an hour, why can’t I? I’m just glad it’s summer, so we can use the grill.  Baby likes him/her some grilled food.  We’re having burgers for dinner tonight….go figure.

    • Aunt Julie
    • June 3rd, 2010

    Oh Ali – You’re so cute (and sweet, and pretty, and kind, and funny – I could go on…..).

    1. I’m going with girl.

    2. You been knitting?

    3. Carpet = Gross! I couldn’t have said it better, and we have three dogs, ewwww.

    4. You have the perfect excuse to pig out. Enjoy!

    Love and miss you,
    Aunt Julie

    • Emma
    • June 4th, 2010

    I’m going with Aunt vote is that it is a girl.Sorry.If you think your carpet =gross you should have seen my bed after about 2weeks of having YOUR dog sleeping on know how my bed is pink well,it was brown.the only thing that was still clean was my pillows and underneath the covers.

      • Ali
      • June 4th, 2010

      Well, Emma, you’re the one who spoils him by letting him sleep on your bed! Why do you think we make him sleep on the floor (or his nice soft bed)? Thanks for taking care of him, I’m sure he loves it!

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