It’s been a long time…

…since I was hit on by a cashier at the grocery store.

As I hand the kid my Kroger card to scan, he asks me,

“Anything interesting going on with you?”

I give him a quick glance to see if I know him, and to make sure he is talking to me. To myself I think, That’s weird, and answer him.


“The weather giving you any trouble?” he asks as he starts to scan my groceries.

“No, not really.”  I pretend to look at the gum.

“Corn on the cob. Nice. You having a barbeque?”

Please just scan the groceries. “Nope.”

“You do anything fun last weekend?”

Nothing I would tell you about. “Nope.” Notice the wedding ring, kid?

“All these groceries just for you?”

Ah, perfect time to mention that I’m married. “For me and my husband.”

Not even phased, he comes back with, “You got any pets?”

Oh my gosh. “Yep, we’ve had a dog for about 3 years now.”

“What kind of dog is he?” This kid is persistent, I’ll give him that. We’re just waiting for the receipt to print so I answer him.

“A mutt.”

“Oh, that’s awesome. Where did you get him?”

Sorry bud, your time is up.

The bagger gives me a sympathetic look as I grab my last bag of groceries.

“Don’t forget to come back and see me!” I hear as I walk away.

    • Emma
    • May 18th, 2010

    oh my gosh.he really asked that many questions about your life?and he even said, “Don’t forget to come back and see me.”it’s to bad you couldn’t just walk away.

    • lori
    • May 19th, 2010

    should be nice….might be an angel watching over you 🙂 it is weird though, too much info -wanted!

    love you,

    • Ellis
    • May 21st, 2010

    Nice. If he does that to every customer, he’s bound to find his true love, sooner or later..Genius. Hopefully he finds her/him before he gets fired.

    • Lindsey Griffith
    • May 24th, 2010

    by any small chance does he have longish dark hair and wears rings and stuff? haha…

    That is annoying for sure. Did you notice at kroger’s that they have those bells at every check out station where if you get good service you are supposed to ring it? i wonder if that was his way of trying to get you to ring the bell. haha..

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