The best sleep

Yesterday we bought Jack a new doggie bed. He hasn’t had one for about a year, and with his bum knee, I was starting to feel bad about him sleeping on the floor. I know, whatever, he’s a dog, I’m a pushover, I get it.

So we bought him this bed. At Sam’s Club. Don’t ask me why they have dog beds at Sam’s, they just do. And when you have to wait an hour for your tires to be rotated (yes, at Sam’s) you walk around and look at everything – twice. 5 gallon bucket of olive oil? Check. 400 pound bag of dog food? Check. At least we didn’t have to buy a package of 12 beds. Just 1, thanks.

Look how much he loves it.  We felt so good about buying our dog this bed! Then a horrifying thought came to us: If it feels this good to buy a bed for a dog- just because you know he’ll love it….how much better will it feel to buy something for our kids – just because they’ll love it?

Yikes.  We’re in trouble here.

  1. might I just say I am in love with your dog…so incredibly adorable! We have a doggy too..she is three and is a puggle named Emma! I absolutely love her!

    • mom
    • March 16th, 2010

    aw! does he have a blanket in there too? not too spoiled!!!! no spoiling my grandchildren, that’s my job.


    • Kali Johnston
    • March 16th, 2010

    Yep – you’re definitely in for it. Might I recommend consignment stores…for yourself, because you’ll be spending all of your money on the little one from now on!

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